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Issue 11 · 15 Sep 2023

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2023 Term & Important Dates 2023 Term Dates
Principal's Message
Deputy Principal Lost Property, Students Travelling on Buses, Traffic and Car Parking Rules
Primary The Cumberland Concerts ‘Around the World’ , Battle for Australia Excursion, Footy Colours Day , Year 4 Camp ‘Lady Northcote’ , R U Okay Day 14 September , Mrs Natasha Radley (Head of Year Prep), Mr Jevon Scandrett (Head of Year 1 & 2), Mrs Anne Adams (Head of Year 3 & 4), Mr Nigel Keegan (Head of Year 5 & 6), Wishing you a wonderful holiday break! 
Secondary Year 7 students explore the wilds at Healesville Sanctuary, Year 8 STEM Expo:  A showcase of Young Innovators, Dunhelen Student Leaders attend the Battle for Australia Commemoration Ceremony, Dunhelen Lunch & Learn Hub, VCEVM, Year 11 Ball
Be Well and Prosper School-age friendships: how to support them, About school-age friendships, School friends and parents: why children need both, Getting to know children’s friends: why it’s good, Supporting school-age friendships: tips for playdates, When children need help to make friends or keep friends, Friendship troubles: what to do
Chaplain's Corner Ecological Approach, Pope Francis, Interschool Social Justice Day 15 August, Mario Kart Competition - 17 August, Aitken Faith Community
Wellbeing Our People – Aitken’s Student Wellbeing Team
Careers Brookhill Students, Career News 11, Careers Newsletter on My Aitken
First Nations News Celebrating Indigenous Literacy Day and the UN Declaration Anniversary, The Indigenous Voice to Parliament, Koori Heritage Trust School Holiday Programs
Languages BRIDGE Program, Exciting News for 2024 Indonesia Study Tour! , Festival Indonesia 2023! 
Parents & Friends Association Father’s Day Breakfast , Fun Run, 12 November, Fairview Dance Party, 16 November, Cumberland and Fairview Tea Towel and Apron Drive, Upcoming Events
Performing Arts Monologue Night, HorrorFest – Filming Day, Cumberland Concert, Middle School Play
Physical Education  Intermediate Soccer Boys, NMR Secondary Athletics, NMR Year 8 Girls Soccer , NMR Year 7 Girls Soccer, NMR Netball , SSV Year 8 Girls Basketball 
Sustainability and Agriculture Sustainability Week
The Parent Room The Art of Parenting, Tech Focus
OSHC Kelly Club Newsletter
Community Activities

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