BNPS 2024 Newsletters

Issue 3 · 21 Mar 2024

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Principal's Report Principals Report, Zooper Doopers For Everyone, Student Leadership Conference 2024, Harmony & Neurodivetsity Week, Susie's Singers Perform at Assembly
PYP Learner Profile Attribute:,  Risk-taker   , How can you support your child at home with being a risk-taker?   , Student Interview
Literacy Check For Understanding, A reading strategy, What does CAFÉ stand for? , Check for Understanding: Ensuring Comprehension , Supporting Your Child's Reading Journey 
Prep News Pads , Chalk SMART Spelling , Counting The Days At School 
Year 1 News Maths , Inquiry – How The World Works 
Year 2 News
Year 3 News NAPLAN , Inquiry - How We Express Ourselves , Science with Mrs Jones 
Year 4 News We can’t believe that we are only 1 week away from the end of Term 1!  
Year 6 News Life in Year 6, Inquiry , Literacy  
Japanese にほんごニュース , Japanese news
PE District Swimming Carnival 2024 , Division Swim Carnival 2024 , House Captains Report
Music Year 2, 3 & 4 Music , Senior Music 
Student Interview - Zoe  Student Interview with Zoe - Year 6, What do you love about school?, Were you nervous about starting Year 6?, Who is your hero?, Do you play a sport or have a , hobby?, What do you want to be when you grow up?, What did you see recently that made you smile/be happy?, If you had a wish, what would        you wish for?                                         
Interview with Nicole Grant Interview with Nicole Grant, Prep Teacher, How long have you worked at , BNPS?, Who inspires you?  , What is your favourite thing to do on weekends?, What is your favourite TV Show?, If you could go on a holiday anywhere in the World, where would you go?, What might someone be surprised to know about you?, What recently made you smile?, What would you like to say to the students at BNPS?
The Sustainability Team
Fete Sponsors
Canteen Canteen, Volunteering in 2024
UniformShop Lost Property, Volunteers
Our 2024 School Leaders Our School & Vice Captains, School Captains, Vice Captains, House Captains, Reserve, Wood, Morey, McDonald, Art Captains, eSmart Captains, First Aid Monitors, Library Captains, Music Captains, SAT Captains Year 6, SAT Captains Year 5, SAT Captains Year 4, SAT Captains Year 3, Sustainability Captains, Wellbeing Captains
Our 2024 Staff Principal Class Officers, Prep Team, Year 1 Team, Year 2 Team, Year 3 Team, Year 4 Team, Year 5 Team, Year 6 Team, Teacher Assistants, BEET, Art Team, Music Team, PE Team, Language (Japanese), Science, Library , Wellbeing Team, Office Team, IT Team, Canteen, Uniform Shop, OSHC Team, Cleaning/Maintenance , Therapy Dog
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