St Andrews Christian College Newsletter 2022

Issue 6 · 26 Jun 2020

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Principal's Message Dear Friends,, I want to acknowledge and thank you all!
SACC News Dan Lee is leaving St Andrews Christian College, FASTEN YOUR PINK RIBBON -, Mrs Farmer's ACTUALLY TURNED PINK!, Yesterday I dyed my hair pink!, With help from our amazing St Andrews community and others, I have so far raised $2,313 smashing my target of $1000. , Language Competition Winners, Lions international Peace Poster Contest, PEACE THROUGH SERVICE
Keep Informed The Hub is coming!, Term 3 Arrangements, Flexibuzz being discontinued, Navigating the New Normal, THE “NEW NORMAL”
Keep on Learning Year 1 Excursion , LAKEWOOD NATURE RESERVE, Year 11 History, Middle School Art, WOW! I am constantly amazed at our , Year 6, 7 & 8 St Andrews Artists! , Senior Art, A Display of Stunning  Year 9/10 Artworks, “Beauty”, Charlotte Waldron –10P, “Déjà Vu: Relapse”, Sophia Tran – 10P, “Fallen Angel”, Chaz Zeng —Year 9, “The Gown”, Kiriaki Katsigiannis – 10F, St Andrews Drama Department , COPING DURING  COVID-19 , Careers Education, YEAR 10 CAREERS PROGRAM – TERM 3, CAREERS NEWSLETTER
Keep on Connecting A Warm and Happy Welcome, WELCOME BACK YEARS 3 -9, Preps Special Message , FOR ARCARE RESIDENTS, Learning, Connecting and Caring., Parents & Friends Association, VCE Students Earn University ‘Distinctions’ , New Hope Medical, GP REQUIRED
Keep on Caring Seasons, MISSION SERVICE LEARNING -, Encouraging our Community, Supporting Samaritans Purse, CASUAL CLOTHES FRIDAY

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