Keep on Caring


The world moves in a rhythm of seasons: cold, hot, light, dark, sowing and reaping, fruit, and barrenness. We see this particularly in Melbourne where we can experience up to four seasons in a day!


In Ecclesiastes 3:1, it says “For everything there is a season...”. In this passage, the author is talking about another kind of seasonality—life's seasons. We experience the leisure of summer, the urgency of autumn, the hardships of winter, the busyness and expectancy of spring.


For many people, this current season has had its challenges: Social distancing, remote Learning, and working from home to name a few. Even though we go through different seasons where our external circumstances may change, we can trust in an unchanging God who is in control.


John 16: 33 says, “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me, you might have peace. In the world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” God is with us in every season of our life. When we face the unknown, we can trust that He is in control and working out every situation for our good.


As my season at St Andrews comes to a close, I would like to thank the College community for the opportunity to work alongside the Middle School staff with students. It’s been a wonderful privilege to see the College grow over the last 11 and a half years!


Dan Lee,

Head of Middle School




Encouraging our Community

This Term over 350 students wrote letters of appreciation and encouragement to various members of our Knox Community. It has been wonderful to be able to SERVE from a distance while still praying actively for the essential services within our local Community.


School Captains Katelyn Farmer and Theo Katsigiannis presented gratitude letters to Alan Tudge MP
School Captains Katelyn Farmer and Theo Katsigiannis presented gratitude letters to Alan Tudge MP

Last week the College Captains and I began the delivery of thank you letters along with an official letter of appreciation from the school. 


St Andrews School Captains Katelyn Farmer and Theo Katsigiannis presented gratitude letters to Alan Tudge MP on Thursday afternoon.

A big thank you to the school captains from St Andrews Christian College who dropped by today with letters from the year sixes. These amazing students have written to politicians, doctors, nurses and many others with words of support during the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you all for the wonderfully kind words. - Alan Tudge MP


Two students from the service team Harry Rowland and Kayleb Patel (Year 11) presented our gratitude letters to the Angliss Hospital and Knox branch of Ambulance Victoria. Both services were very encouraged and thankful. 


Isabelle Baxter (Year 11) and Sarah Farmer (Year 10) presented some of our thank youletters to Nick Wakeling MP. He thanked the school for looking outwards at this tough time. 


Youth liaison officer Kevin Bridle from Knox Police Station visited with St Andrews Christian College Year 4 students on Wednesday 24th June to receive their gratitude letters. The Junior School Captains got a chance to pray for Mr Bridle and his fellow local police officers and also had the opportunity ask lots of questions. 


Thank you for all staff and students who took part in the Service Learning program!  I believe this is TREASURE THAT LASTS! 


Thank you,

Mr Andrew Farmer

Mission Service Learning Coordinator


Supporting Samaritans Purse


On the last Friday of Term 2, St Andrews Students had a casual clothes day - not the kind some became accustomed to during lockdown and Continuous Online Learning - rather at school amongst peers. Sanitised notes or gold coin donations were collected to help support Samaritans Purse in Cambodia - over $1340 was raised in total.


There are a lot of people in the rest of the world that still need our help, COVID-19 or not. In fact the poorest are the hardest hit in times like these. With the financial effects of lockdown, donations to organisations helping the most needy are declining.


This is one of the projects we were able to see in practice 18 months ago. It is not related to COVID-19 but is still an important need in the slums and rural areas of Cambodia.