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A Catholic Boys' Day and Boarding School in the Marist Tradition

Term 2, Week 9 · 14 Jun 2022

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From the Head of College Synodality and Assembly, Champagnat Awards 2022, Year 12 Mother-Son Luncheon, Final Days of Term, 2022 College Athletics Carnival, Head of College Tour, Term 2 Sports Dinner, Year 5 Band and String Concert, Legal Implications and Respectful Relationships Seminars, Da Vinci Decathlon, Brendan Moon AM, Upcoming Events
Deputy Head of College News Getting Involved, Ending on a Positive Note, Walkathon Fundraising, Hoodies, Senior Jerseys and Blazers
Mission News Prayers, Reflection , From the Head of Religious Education , Year 12 Retreat , Marist Youth Ministry Year 9 Student Forum , Year 10 Immersion Experience , Stationery Aid 
Learning and Teaching News Year 12 Gold Optimus Breakfast with Dr Jeannette Young, Year 12 Head of College and Optimus Awards Presentation, Year 10 Subject Selection , Elevate Education Parent Seminar, Middle School Exam Schedule (Friday 10 to Thursday 16), Semester 1 Reports, Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability
Primary School News Primary School Mass, Primary Athletics Carnival, Term 2 Sport – Thank You , From the Primary Pastoral Leader – Michael Connolly , Debating Update – Mrs Robyn Brown, Primary Sport - Mr John Lambourne
Head of Students News Walkathon Wrap Up, School Uniform in Colder Weather, Year 10 Respectful Relationships Seminar, Senior Parent and Student Presentation
Boarding News Around the Grounds, Recreation Report - Mr Blair Whitlock
Enrolments News Year 5, 2024, 2023 Incoming Students, College Tours
VET and Careers News Careers and Pathways, 2022 TSXPO - July 16-17
Visual Art News
Technology News RoboCup Junior Brisbane Regional Challenge
From Your P&F Australia vs England - Rugby Raffle, College Supporter Gear
Champagnat Trust Sports Lunch Thank You!
The Tower Art Show The Tower Art Show 2022
College Events The Trolleys, Marist Life Retreat
Other College and Community Information Marist Schools Australia - Personal Carer - Ashgrove, QLD, 2022 Fees and Notice Required for Withdrawal from the College, Bus Service, Drop-off and Pick-up, Child Protection Officers
Sport News Football, Rugby, Tennis, Term 3 Sports, Student Achievements

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