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Issue 12 · 15 Dec 2020

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Key Dates December 2020, January 2021, February 2021, March 2021, April 2021, November 2021
From the Principal Strengthening Vocational and Applied Learning for School Students , Coming to Glen Eira College Term 1, 2021, Staffing 
From the Assistant Principals Awards Assembly, Year 7 , Year 8, Year 9, City of Glen Eira Citizenship Award, Community Builder, ADF Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Award, Year 10, Year 11, Instrumental Music Program Scholarships , The Mercia Sailah Scholarship, Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program , DUX
Junior School News Year 7 News, Year 8 News, Year 9 News, Year 9 Food Technology 2020, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Red Velvet Cupcakes
Senior School News Senior School News, Year 10 News, Year 11 News, Performing Arts - VCE Theatre Studies 
Careers Corner Your Career – What’s next for you?, Useful career links and resources, RSA Course
Library Corner Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge, Summer Reading and Activities, Book Club, New Books, Library Links
Arts & Technology News Year 10 Visual Arts, Year 8 Creative Chair Design, Year 8 & 9 VCD Lolly Packaging
English News News from English: Literature Circles, Comments from students
Science News & Environmental Corner Science News, Environmental Corner
Teaching & Learning What you need to know about GEC’s 5 period day: , 5 Period Day, SABRE Instructional Model, Team
Languages Corner French Poetry Writing, Alliance Francaise Poetry Writing Competition
From the Office Update Your Information, XUNO Portal, Student Absences, Early Leavers, Newsletter, XUNO – APP available for all platforms, f3ci5b
GECPA News Why not join the Association in 2021?, Second Hand Uniform Sale  - By Appointment, GEC Family Picnic Sunday 28th February 2021, School Novels and Summer Holiday reading – Brotherhood Books , Local attractions, Sky Castle Federation Square free night sound and light show , BRING ON THE BREAK! 
GECPA Family Corner Fried Pudding Dumplings With Caramel Sauce and Ice Cream, Pistachio & Rose Cheesecake Bites, Giant Stuffed Mushrooms, Honey-Roasted Carrots, How about a different type of Christmas tree for 2020?, Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments that'll Spice up Your Tree
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