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Issue 9 · 24 Jun 2022

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Upcoming Dates
Principal's Report Health Update, Landscape Masterplan, Student Leadership at St. Cecilia's, The Stem Centre / Art Studio, Parent Function, A reminder..., Have a great break!
Deputy Principal Report
Mathematics News Mathematics in Foundation
MUSIC NEWS What's been happening in music?
SPORT NEWS Eastern Metropolitan Cross Country, Inter School Sports, Taekwondo
Art News
YEAR 5/6 LEADERS NEWS SHARK TANK, Yr 6 Leaders - Staff Meeting
Student Wellbeing Building and maintaining school belonging Student-teacher relationship, Student-parent relationship, Peer relationships, Other strategies that build belonging, Recognise that some children may have a slower pace in reconnecting., Be a role model, In closing
Student Awards Week 7 Student's Of The Week, Week 8 Student's Of The Week, Week 9 Student's Of The Week
What's Happening?                           Yr 3 Excursion to the Zoo, Beekeeper Visit, Wind Powered Cars in Year 2, A Fond Farewell to a Friend, World Ocean Day Celebrated in Year 1J, Year 4 out and about ... 
Parents' Association News
Meet the Team Principal and Deputy, Leadership Team, Religious Education Leader, Foundation Team, Year 1 Team, Year 2 Team, Year 3 Team, Year 4 Team, Year 5/6 Team, Learning Support Officers (LSO's), Gifted and Talented Leader, Art Teacher, Music Teacher, PE Teacher, Language (French)Teacher, Library Leader, Student Wellbeing Leader, Wellbeing Team, Office Team, ICT Leader, Parents Association Coordinators, Canteen Coordinators, Uniform Shop Coordinators, OSHC Leader - Camp Australia
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