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Respect, Care and Concern, Pursuit of Excellence, Honesty 

Issue 1 · 17 Feb 2023

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AIMING HIGH “What does it mean to be a successful learner?” 
LEARNING CONFERENCES Learning Conferences Term 1 , Monday 6th March to Friday 17th March 
ENGLISH This semester our focus in English is on traditional and short stories, poetry, media and perspectives from the past. , TERM 1 , Traditional Stories from Asia , Humour in Poetry , Short Stories: , Writing a short story:, TERM 2, Aboriginal Stories , Perspectives from the Past, Examining media texts, Exploring news reports in the media
MATHS Across Fisher we will be doing targeted workshops in Maths. This semester our focus in Maths is on the four operations, fractions and money. , TERM 1 , Number and Money, Number: Multiplication, division and odd and even numbers , Properties of prime, composite, square and triangular numbers, negative and positive integers, computational strategies, Patterns and Algebra, TERM 2 , Exploring Fractions, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
HEALTH & PE This semester our focus in PE is on invasion and net games. , FISHER PE, Invasion Games (11 weeks), Over the Net (6 weeks), Field Athletics (4 weeks), This semester our focus in Health is on identity and healthy wellbeing of individuals. , HEALTH, TERM 1, Positive Interactions, Who influences me? , TERM 2, Multicultural Australia, Drink Detectives, CHILD PROTECTION CURRICULUM
HASS This semester our focus in HASS is on locations and places.  We are also learning about the Government and Colonisation.  , Geography: Human and environmental influence on place, Civics and Citizenship: Government elections in our Australian democracy, History: Impact of Colonisation in Australia 
TECHNOLOGY This semester our focus in Design and Technology is on electricity, forces and gravity.  , Design and Technology: Hey there, Sparky, Design and Technology: Dancing on the Ceiling: an engineering ‘feet’ 
ARTS Across Fisher we will be doing a rotation of the Arts. This year our focus in the Arts is on movement, media conventions and platforms, rhythmic patterns, movement sequences and painting techniques. , Drama: On the move, Dance: Sports themed dance: Having a ball, Media Arts: Media Minefield, Visual Arts: Painterly portraits, Music:  Pass the beat
SPECIALIST SUBJECTS This semester our focus in Science is on Physical and Chemical Sciences. In German our focus is on home and links to Germany and Schultüten., Year 5/6 Science, Physical Science - Energy (10 weeks), Chemical Science - It Matters, Year 4/5 Science, Physical Science - World Record Forces, Chemical Science - Marvellous Materials, YEAR 4/5/6 German,  Außerhalb dieser Welt - Out of this world, Trautes Heim, Glück allein - Home sweet home, YEAR 6 German, Briefe nach Österreich - Letters to Austria, Schultüten (100 Days of School Gift to Receptions)
CHOIR YR 4/5/6 YEAR 4/5/6

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