What does it mean to be a successful learner?” 


Our school values of Respect, Honesty, Pursuit of Excellence and Care and Concern underpin all expectations at LNPS. Our aspiration is that all students at LNPS develop learner qualities which enable them to consistently live our values of Respect, Care and Concern, Honesty and Pursuit of Excellence.

Students are encouraged and supported to take charge of their own learning. The Aiming High program at LNPS enables our students to demonstrate the learner qualities, which our school community acknowledges as essential skills that all students should have on completion of their time at LNPS.

In supporting students in being successful learners, expectations around LNPS values are reflected upon and unpacked with students. Our students will collate and present evidence of the 6 Learner Qualities and School Values each term.

Semester 1 Learner Quality focus: 

Collaborative learners …

  • listen to and respect others
  • cooperate and communicate responsively
  • actively contribute
  • acknowledge multiple perspectives
  • develop empathy
  • utilise others’ strengths
  • problem solve and compromise
  • share responsibility
  • participate in decision making

Resilient learners …

  • understand that mistakes are a vital part of learning
  • seek solutions
  • acknowledge and regulate emotions, choices and actions
  • bounce back from challenges
  • take risks
  • are ‘ok’ with feeling uncomfortable
  • know and apply social and self management strategies
  • apply conflict resolution strategies

Independent learners … 

  • use resources and tools
  • set and pursue goals
  • seek feedback and next steps
  • are self aware - develop personal and emotional awareness
  • manage own emotions, choices and actions
  • are flexible
  • can adapt in different situations
  • take ownership of their learning
  • self motivated