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Issue 14 · 24 Aug 2023

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Dates For Your Diary August, September, October
From Our School Leaders Feedback Time, Reading With Kids, Letter from our Deputy Secretary, Dr David Howes 
Administration Updates Payments And Permissions Now Due, Attendance, Picking Up Children Early , Valuables
Bogan Bingo
Year 5/6 News A Day Of Learning At Scoresby Secondary College, Write A Book In A Day, Maths @ Home @ School
Book Week News Book Week Dress-Up Day, 2023 CBCA Short-listed Book Read Alouds, Scholastic Book Fair, The Great SPS Book Swap
Chickens & Kitchen Garden News
SPS Playgroup News Baby Toy Donations For Playgroup Please
Parents & Friends Association News Father’s Day Events, Scoresby Primary School Pie Drive, Bogan Bingo, Next Meeting
Breakfast Club News Father's Day Breakfast Club, Term 3 Breakfast Club, Parent Helpers For Breakfast Club
Lunch Orders How it works
Subway Lunch Orders Important - Change To Subway Ordering Time, Subway Ordering System
First Aid Bed Linen Roster First Aid Bed Linen Roster
Lost Property Help Us Help You!
Happy Birthday To You! Best wishes to these students who are celebrating their birthday:
Student of the Week AwardsPresented 11/8/23 William M. - 00M, Blake F. - 1/2B, Savannah C. - 1/2R, Oliver L. - 5/6B,  Edgar K. - 5/6D, Cooper S. - 5/6W, Arian F. - Visual Arts, Hayden A. - Visual Arts, Sophie D. - Performing Arts, Jake K. - Mandarin
Student of the Week AwardsPresented 18/8/23 Ali R. - 00M, Frank W. - 1/2B, Taoipu A. - 1/2C, Aston L. - 1/2R, Arianna L.  - 3/4B, Bodhi H. - 3/4K, Sam B. - 5/6D, Torres L. - 5/6W, Ellarae W. - Performing Arts, Medina N. - Mandarin, Sosefina A. - Physical Education
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