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With iNewsletter it’s straightforward to shape a stunning newsletter in real-time. Out of the box you get multiple user support, responsive for mobile and tablets, simple publishing to email, social and more

iNewsletter focuses on design first

What you see is what you get with iNewsletter. Build beautiful pages with photo galleries, videos, attachments, embedded content and more. What you build is what the finished product will look like, making it super simple to create.

iNewsletter is fast

With lightning fast load times, instant page navigation and responsive for every device your parents will never be left waiting. Cut down the time it takes to build your newsletter with clever time saving tools and an efficient publishing process end-to-end.

iNewsletter makes building a newsletter easy

Whether it’s instant preview across mobile, tablet and desktop, one-click publish, multiple editors or the ability for others to proof the newsletter, iNewsletter cuts the time taken to build a traditional newsletter in half.

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"The interactive nature of the content and ability to include photos... Engaged Parents!"
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Peter Bartley

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