Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept credit cards. Your monthly subscription amount will be debited from your credit card automatically.

Can I pay by EFT/manual bank transfer?

For Australian schools we accept bank transfer/EFT as a method of payment. If you choose this method, we will bill you bi-annually or annually. If you cancel your subscription early, we will refund any unused months.

Does your pricing include GST?

If you are located in Australia, your invoice will include GST. All prices include GST.

Do you have a lock in contract?

No, all iNewsletter subscriptions have monthly commitment. You are free to exit at any time. If you paid bi-annually or annually we will refund any unused months.

What currencies do you accept for payment?

Currently we support Australian Dollar (AUD) and US Dollar (USD).

Is there a free version?

We don't offer a free version, however you can get started and build your first newsletter for free. If you like what you've built then you'll only be charged when you go to publish your newsletter to your community. The entire platform is usable during the trial, except for the publishing functionality.

I’d like to build a newsletter and show my management team before committing to iNewsletter. Is this possible?

Yes, you can build your first newsletter for free and send them a ‘proof’ of the newsletter, which is exactly how parents would see the newsletter. When you publish the newsletter for the first time you'll be prompted to setup billing.

How long does it take to produce a newsletter with iNewsletter?

Many users report what used to take them a day can now be as little as an hour. The great thing about iNewsletter is there is no formatting, so you can just copy and paste all your articles in, upload some photos, and add any extras like attachments or videos. Because iNewsletter handles the formatting for you, it greatly reduces the amount of time spent producing a newsletter.

How do I get help if I get stuck?

On every screen there is a ‘help’ button in the bottom right corner. You can use this to live chat with our team and get answers to any questions you may have.

How many templates are there to choose from?

iNewsletter does not use the concept of templates in producing a newsletter. Instead we give you a shell and you control how the newsletter looks. The best way to get your community reading the newsletter is to put photos in, so we let your photos control how the newsletter looks.

How much control do I have over the formatting of the newsletter?

We make some assumptions on how the newsletter should be formatted to let you focus on what’s important: the content. You have control over what photos to include, how the page should be laid out and fonts and colours. Some of the spacing and formatting is built in so you don’t have to worry about it - our designers have spent hours getting the spacing and formatting to look perfect.

How many emails can I send on my plan?

Education customers can send as many emails as they want (within fair use). They can send to all their families including students, parents, and other community members. Non-profit customers have a sending limit tied to the plan they choose. You can see these on our Pricing page.

How many photos can I store?

There are no limits on photo storage. We recommend you upload photos in their highest-resolution version to ensure they look crisp across all devices.

Where is your terms of use?

You can review our terms of use at

Can I archive my newsletter for our internal records?

If you want to keep your newsletters but not have them available to your community, you can place them in your private archive, which makes them publicly unavailable, but still keeps them in your account.

Do I need to update my website every time I publish?

No. You can put auto-updating links on your website to direct visitors to the latest newsletter and also an archive of past newsletters. You only need to add these links to your website once and they'll auto-update forever!

Can I create a private newsletter?

You can make your newsletters private so only your community can access them.

How do you deal with student photos?

This really depends on your school’s policy. Some schools require parent permission to put their student’s photos in the newsletter/website, other schools enforce that students must be willing to have their photo in the newsletter/website as part of enrolment. If you need some advice on this you are welcome to Contact Us.

Where do you store data and how safe is it?

Our app is hosted inside our private cloud using Amazon Web Services in Sydney. Data security is a priority and we actively perform security audits on our platform. We also engage third party researchers who notify us of any security vulnerabilities.

We have received a 'Green' privacy and risk assessment from the WA Department of Education.