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Multi Page Newsletters

iNewsletter can go beyond a simple email newsletter to an immeserive, multi-page newsletter hosted on the web.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Every newsletter is automatically responsive for any device size including iPad, mobile & desktop. No extra design needed.


Get real insight into your readership. Compare newsletter performance, see most popular pages including granular email opens, clicks and failures.


Let your users choose their preferred language in your newsletter and automatically convert your content. Powered by Google Translate.

Email Summary

Publishing your newsletter sends a rich email summary complete with photos and snippets of your content pages for the best chance of getting your newsletter opened.

Fullscreen Photo Galleries

Not your regular photo experience. iNewsletter’s photo-first design means displaying any number of photos is done in a beautiful, immersive way.

Embed Video & More

Upload attachments, embed YouTube videos, websites, surveys or anything you want to share in your newsletter.

Consistent Formatting

How things look and feel are central to iNewsletter’s newsletter builder. Copy and paste from various places and be assured formatting remains standard to the page you’re editing.

Features A Z

  • 1, 2 & 3 column page layouts that balance automatically
  • Add buttons to external websites
  • Add multiple users
  • Automatic issue numbering or choose your own issue name
  • Automatic photo compression and resizing
  • Automatically publish at a scheduled time
  • Brand your newsletter with address & contact details, social media icons and logo
  • Choose from a library of stock photos
  • Clone previous newsletters & pages to easily create new issues
  • Compatible with all websites and school apps
  • Copy and paste from anywhere without inconsistent formatting
  • Email subscriber management with bulk import/export and mass update
  • Email subscribers can unsubscribe & update their email address
  • Google Translate for readers
  • Hosted archive of newsletters for your website/school app/parent portal
  • Include ads and promotional items from your community
  • Insert tables
  • Instantly make changes to a published newsletter
  • No limits on traffic, storage or pages
  • Preview on desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Print/PDF your newsletters for offline viewing and archiving
  • Private and public newsletters
  • Privately archive old newsletters
  • Publish integration with Compass and Twitter
  • Send proof copies before publishing
  • Subscribe form for your website, school app or parent portal
  • WYSIWYG text editing

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