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iNewsletter vs Adobe PDF Comparison

Built for the web, iNewsletter doesn’t need a PDF viewer

iNewsletter takes the hassle out of building and publishing. From unlimited photo galleries, to built in email subscriptions, your newsletter will be faster to build and more engaging than ever before

iNewsletter is a platform, not just a file

iNewsletter does more than just build beautiful newsletters. You can publish to your community channels in one click, fix mistakes live, manage subscribers, share links and even send copies for proof reading prior to publishing.

PDF’s can’t do photos like iNewsletter

Photos are the lifeblood of a good newsletter. Parents are looking for their kids and with beautiful full-screen photo galleries in iNewsletter you can add as many photos as you have! No more worrying about attachment sizes or space on the page, iNewsletter puts photos first and pages grow and shrink to match your content.

iNewsletter tracks your readers far beyond a PDF ever can

Go beyond simple download counts. With iNewsletter you can find your best performing pages, most liked articles and even check your email open and click-through rates—all from one central dashboard.

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Allister Rouse

"The interactive nature of the content and ability to include photos... Engaged Parents!"
"Highly Recommended! My newsletter preparation time has been cut in half"

Peter Bartley

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