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All students attending Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Primary School have the right to feel safe and be safe. The highest possible standard of care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people is a fundamental responsibility of all within our school community.

Issue 5 · 31 Mar 2023

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Principal's Message Dear OLA Families, Harmony Day, Reconciliation, Working Bee, Professional Learning, Guided Learning Walk for Parents, ECSI Survey closing at the end of next week..., Do we have any 5 or 6 year old sisters or brothers keen and ready to start school next year??, School Tours for Enrolments 2024, Community                                                             , Calendar, Congratulations, Well Wishes, Celebrations , Term 2 Starting Date
Education in Faith Reconciliation, Project Compassion, Holy Week
Learning & Teaching Swimming, MACS Intensive Literacy Support at OLA, Excellence at OLA
Wellbeing Extremely cute video for the younger kids on Belly Breathing, NCCD - As a parent, guardian or carer, what do I need to know?, Garden Club, Lunch Clubs, MOIRA Allied Health Occupational Therapy , Advanced Psychology, Creating Confident Kids Workshop - Family Life
FIRE Carriers
From the Office Australia's Best Teachers Campaign , A call out to...                                                                         OLA past and current students and families, Security of OLA grounds and buildings, School Routine Reminders
Parents & Friends
Parish News Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, St Agnes Parish
Clubs at OLA OSHClub, Instrumental Music Program, Art 4 School, STEM Monsters, Kids Unlimited Chess After School, Strike Soccer After School
Community News
Uniform Summer Uniform, Bob Stewart Mentone, OLA Second Hand Uniform Shop 
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Key Dates & Events Calendar, 2023 Term Dates