VCE/VM Subject Selection

Issue 1 · 13 Jun 2023

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Planning your pathways in the senior years
Timeline (Important Dates)
Key personnel
Pathways at MSJ PATHWAY – VCE
Sample programs Art and Design – Fine Arts/Design/Ceramics, Business, Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning and Building, Food/Hospitality, Journalism/Media/Public Relations, Humanities, Sport and Recreation, Psychology/Community and Health Services, Science – Biological and Medical, Science – Physical, Performing Arts
Vocational Major (VM) Pathway
Undertaking accelerated studies in Year 11 Acceleration in the VCE 
VCE Studies Available
English English, English/English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD), English Language, Literature
Health and Physical Education Health and Human Development, Physical Education, Outdoor and Environmental Studies
Humanities Accounting, Business Management, Politics , Global Politics , Modern History, History: Revolutions , Legal Studies , Geography 
Languages French, Italian, Japanese
Mathematics Foundation Mathematics, General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics 
Performing Arts Drama
Religious Education Religion & Society, Texts & Traditions, Year 12 Religious Education (School Based) 
Science Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology
Technology Applied Computing, Food Studies, Product Design and Technology
VE (Vocational Education and training) VET Courses Available to VCE Students (Scored Studies), Certificate III in Music Performance (CUA30920), Certificate II Workplace Skills- Business, Certificate III in Sport & Recreation
Visual Arts Art Making and Exhibiting, Media, Visual Communication Design