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High Expectations Respect Resilience Responsibility Teamwork

Issue 4 · 27 Jun 2022

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Important Dates Dates to Remember
Principal's Report End of Term 2: Principal Report
Assistant Principal's Report End of Term 2: Report
Leading Teachers Report Leading Teacher: Junior School Report, Leading Teacher: Senior School Report, VCE advice from those who have done it:
Year Level Leaders Report Year 8 Leader Report
Student Voice Student Representative Council Update , S.R.C. Campaigns Update , S.R.C. Curriculum Update , S.R.C Health and Wellbeing , S.R.C. Enrichment Update , Wellfest Week Update , Peer Support Program Update  , Waratah House Leader Update, Consulate General of Japan OEP Excursion, Student Leadership Lunch , Heroes Day, Hero Day Reflection Questions: , Year 7 English in the SMALLab , Legos and Board Games Wanted
Careers News Term 2 Week 7: Career News , Work Experience Feature
Wellbeing E-cigarette fact sheet for parents
Sport News Term 2: Sports Report, Year 9 Health & PE, Year 7 and 8 Netball Team, Interschool Sports Soccer
Teaching & Learning Northern Territory Camp , Learning Hiragana with Materials in Daily Life, Year 7 Accelerated English, Term 2: Science Summary , Primary and after-school programs, Melbourne Museum: Open Horizons, Lunchtime Talent Showcase, Sustainability Week Monday, May 30 - Friday 3 June, VCE Legal Studies Virtual Excursion 2022, Club Gala Day , VCE Chemistry Melbourne University Visit
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