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Issue 19 · 26 Nov 2020

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Their Care Update Creativity and experimentation have headlined week 5 and 6 at TheirCare. Week 5 we peered through the looking glass, taking in all things creative and curious. , Activities included creating and decorating ornate wooden pendants, designing bey blades out of air-dry clay, building a wooden fairy town to hide in the new TheirCare garden, experimenting with scratch art and finally creating glitter slime. , The glitter slime made quite the mess, but the students loved experimenting with the amounts of ingredients needed to create the perfect mixture. The students also started developing an experience with augmented reality using the AR creation tool Metaverse. , In week six we jumped into all things Magic. The theme Magic was requested by the students, which meant students were very excited to help curate activities On Monday we created Harry Potter Wands using balsa wood, hot glue and lots of paint. , Students learnt card tricks and made snow globes. On Wednesday, we made a magical bubble potion that produced strong bubbles that were less likely to pop. We made colourful juggling/stress balls and challenged each other in the new TheirCare Harry Potter Board Game. , We made familiars out of material, watercolour and stuffing. Week 6 was also Naidoc week inspired by the theme Always Was, Always Will Be the students enjoyed colouring Nadioc posters and creating art inspired by Dreamtime stories. On Friday we finished the week by making smoothies with the excellent smoothie bike. , Please feel free to communicate and share with us.
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