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Let Your Light Shine

Issue 18 · 13 Dec 2022

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Mr Butts' Announcements End of Year Mass, FIRE Carriers Announced, Gr 6 Celebration Night, Gr 6 Awards, Mark Patrao Award, St Vinnies Scholarship, Jono Bentencourt Award, Kath Feehan Awards, Rotary Award, Ros Nethersole Award, PBIS Award, Visual Arts Award, Physical Education Award, Spirit of St Mary's, End of Year Reports, 2023 Staff Structure, School Council AGM, Assembly 28th November, Assembly 5th December, Principal's Award, Christmas Raffle, Mr Butts' Christmas Jokes!, Merry Christmas
Catholic Identity Mercy Prayer, Term 4 Week 11 Catholic Identity Newsletter 2022
Prayers and Thoughts Keep In Your Prayers and Thoughts….
Office News / School Information Office Hours, IMPORTANT, Outstanding fees, 2023 Fees, Working With Children Check, Late arrival / Early collection, Student Absences, UPDATED - Subway, Local Town Bus, Student Medical profile, Parent Handbook, Updated - Summer School Uniform, Second Hand / Spare Uniforms, School Information, IMPORTANT - Emergency Contact Details, Medication, Acknowledgement To Country
Upcoming Dates & Events 2022 Term Dates, 2023 Term Dates, Dates to Remember 2022, 2023 Semester 1 - Dates to Remember, Direct Debits, 2023 Direct Debit Commencement Dates
Assembly Awards Week 9 , Week 10
Family Advice Portal Welcome!, Anxiety, Attendance - Every Day Counts!, Autism, Behaviour, Bullying, Child Safety, Esafety, Family Diversity, Goal Setting Meetings (Parent Teacher Interviews), Grief and Trauma, Health, Homework, Literacy & Numeracy Tips, Maggie Dent, Media, Oral Language, Parent Help, School Refusal, Separation Anxiety, Sleep, Speech Problems, Separation and Divorce
News from around the school End of Year Picnic & Carols, 1/2 Area News, Uniform Donations, Facebook 
Cultural News Dreaming Garden for 2023, Opening the Doors Foundation, REMINDER - Rumbalara Dental Clinic, Acknowledgement of Country               
Parents & Friends Christmas Raffle, Thank you , HELP!!! - New Parents & Friends Members 
Parish News & Bulletin St Mary’s Parish Prayer, Adult Faith Formation Program Flyer, New - Parish Bulletin, Parish Office Hours,  Parish Sponsors
Simon Everywhere REMINDER - Have you installed the New upgraded APP?, How to Log into SIMON Everywhere, How to use PAM, HOW TO - Send an Absentee Note in PAM, How to - Read a Permission Note in PAM
Community News After the Floods Cleaning Service, New - Catholic Care - Family Wellbeing Support Service, NEW - Italian Classes, New - Australian Airforce Cadets, Activities in the Park - Spring Edition, New - Exhibition at GV Libraries, Mooroopna Park - 'Their Care' After School Care, Berry Street , Family Day Care Vacancies, Berry Street - Kinship Support & Social Group, Saver Plus

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