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Issue 13 · 17 May 2024

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Religious News School Closure: Catholic Social Teaching
Calendar of Events MAY, JUNE, JULY
Library News National Simultaneous Storytime 2024, This year's book is "Bowerbird Blues" by Aura Parker. It stars a beautiful bowerbird on the search for BLUE! It’s a moving story of longing and connection, that unfolds as the bowerbird’s search sends him soaring across the sea, sky and city. He swoops and snatches vibrant treasures for his collection, and soon his bower—a mix of natural and unnatural objects—attracts something greater and more fulfilling than he could ever have imagined., 'Check out' some of our NEW books .., P.U. Dog Man got sprayed by a skunk. After being dunked in tomato juice, the stink is gone but the scarlet red color remains. Now exiled, this spunky superhero must struggle to save the citizens who shunned him. Will the ends justify the means for Petey, who's reluctantly pulled back into a life of crime in order to help Dog Man? And who will step forward when an all-new, never-before-seen villain unleashes an army of A.I. robots?, If their life was a series, this would be the end. Ready? The multiverse is about to get dark. Real dark!, The Do family's going on a road trip. There'll be I Spy, singalongs and camping fun. But will this road trip be more of a trip-over? Or will it be campervan-tastic? It won't be easy, but it will be funny., It was a battle that would change the course of World War II. Eleven-year-old Paul's French village has been under Nazi control for years. His Jewish best friend has disappeared. Food is scarce. And there doesn't seem to be anything Paul can do to make things better. Then Paul finds an American paratrooper in a tree near his home. The soldier says the Allies have a plan to crush the Nazis once and for all, but the soldier needs Paul's help. This is Paul's chance to make a difference. Soon he finds himself in the midst of the largest invasion in history. , Liz's netball team are on their way to the semi-finals. But then their star Goal Attack breaks her ankle. Coach Michelle finds a new player, Emma, who is rumoured to be an excellent shooter. But the moment she starts playing, she misses every goal! What is going on? Can Liz find out in time to help her team get to the finals?, Ash can't wait for family beach day. All the cousins play beachside tennis, and the winner gets to choose dessert. But Ali has broken her wrist. Will Ash find a way to include Ali in the fun?, Billie is going to the snow for the very first time! She wishes her little brother could come too. How can she bring the magic of the snow back home for him?
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