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Issue 30 · 11 Sep 2023

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Leadership & Management Week 10 Term 3, Some of our Term 3 achievements, events and school improvements this term include:, Congratulations to the following student athletes:, Experience Music Recital 2023, NOT RETURNING IN 2024? , FINAL SCHOOL FEES OVERDUE , SUNSMART: Wearing of  Hats, MACSIS Survey
Dates To Remember TERM FOUR
Learning & Teaching LITERACY - Vira Pirrotta, TERM 3 TEACHING AND LEARNING , CELEBRATION OF LEARNING -Thursday September 14th , SUSTAINABILITY - Annette Gasbarro, What is happening in Sustainability, Cup Rescue Schools Program, Worm towers, SPORT & PE - Graham Troy, STEM - Joe Frazzetto, STEM MAD- Making A Difference, TEAM 1: Yr6 Maya Woodhouse, Yr6 Alexandra Archibald, Yr6 Madeleine Leahy, TEAM 2: Yr3 Elizabeth Francione, Yr6 Catherine Francione, Yr5 James Kowalyk, Yr6 Genevieve Mmadike, Yr6 Ethan Mercadante, TEAM 3: Yr6 Luca Sortino, Yr6 Christian Papas, Yr6 Sebastian Lunardi, Yr4 Xavier Dickinson, TEAM 4: Yr5 Amber Smith, Yr6 Samara Di Bartolo, Yr3 Clara Perri, Yr6 Emily Mallaurino, TEAM 5: Yr5 Joseph Falcone, Yr4 Jacob Pasceri, Yr4 Max Leahy, TEAM 6: Yr4 Zac Ambrosini, Yr3 Skyler Fitzgerald, Yr4 Caleb Porter, TEAM 7: Yr4 Zara Azzopardi, Yr4 Erica DeFazio, Yr4 Gemma Piotti, Yr5 Mia Nightingale, Yr5 Scarlett Falsetta Spina, VISUAL ARTS - Joe Frazzetto
Student Wellbeing
What's happening in our learning spaces? FOUNDATION , YEAR 1/2, YEAR 3/4, YEAR 5/6
P & F News Upcoming Events , P&F Meeting, Tony’s Pie Drive, P&F Morning Tea , Lunch Order Day, St. Fidelis Family Night- ONLY 50 TICKETS LEFT!, Crazy Camel Artwork, THANK-YOU for taking the time to stay updated with the P & F NEWS!
School Information & forms School Contact Information, Uniform Policy and Price List, Email Protocols , Complaints and Grievance Policy
TheirCare OSHC
School Community News

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