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Issue 18 · 10 Dec 2020

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Acting Principal’s Report
Important Dates 2020, 2021
Year 9 Writing Now Exhibition
Philanthropy Club A massive thank you from the philanthropy club! 
Orientation Day
The Aviso Founding Editor’s Goodbye, 2020: The Year the World Didn’t Load Properly, Alumnae, Untitled -  Isadora Lauritz, MGC Class of 2016, Spotlight: Good News!, Leap Forward for Womens’ Rights in Sudan - Hannah Benhassine, Year 10 and Rania Widjanarko, Year 11, The ‘Living Coffin’ - Harriet Turner-Browne, Year 8, Recommendations, Film: Hacksaw Ridge - Monique Selcuk, Year 10, Book: Pride and Prejudice (by Jane Austen) - Chloe McCormick, Year 8, The Philosopher’s Cabin, Negating Nietzsche in the Age of Coronavirus - Xara Hudson, Little Things at Alice’s - Tilly Currie, Year 10, Defenestration -  Imogen Leigh, Year 11, Persephone (III) - Dione Toukalas, Year 11, Emery Station - Grace Palumbieri, Year 11, Old Newspapers - Alexandra Pilepich, Year 8, Wish for Olds - Melina Deldar, Year 10, From the Mess Deck , Butter Chicken - Kiera Lindemans, Year 8, Quote of the Watch
From the Sustainability Team What can you do as an individual and as part of the MGC Family?
S.T.E.A.M News Lego League Challenge 2020, STEAM Captains 2021, Year 8 Digital Bootcamp, New Robots, Finally, Merry Christmas from STEAM!
Student Achievements MGC Most Enthusiastic Cadet 2020, Fiona Wang, Year 10 Wellbeing, Exemplary Student Learning
Lunch à la Française
Year 8 Digital Bootcamp Photos
Library Resources Library eBook & Audiobook Collection

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