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'Balit Yirramboi' - Strong tomorrow

Respect, Kindness, Learning, Teamwork and Integrity.

Issue 6 · 01 Aug 2022

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A message from Tami-Jo
Administration News PH: 8560 6079, TERM DATES, 2023 Term Dates , SCHOOL TIMES, COMPASS COMMUNICATIONS & NOTIFICATIONS, Choose your preferred family language for our Newsletter, PREP 2023 Enrolments Are Now Open!  , Discover how to get the most from your Compass Parent Portal, Change of clothes:, Coronavirus (COVID-19), Uniform - Buy, Swap, Sell, Lost Property:, Annual privacy reminder for 2022
Year 1 Wild Action Incursion
PE Term Overview CLICK HERE to visit DCC's Physcial Education website!! 
Prep Term 3 Overview
Year 1 Term 3 Overview
Year 2 Term 3 Overview
Year 3 Term 3 Overview
Year 4 Term 3 Overview
Year 5 Term 3 Overview
Year 6 Term 3 Overview
Year 7 Term 3 Overview
Mandarin Term Overview
STEM & Specialist Term 3 Overview
Community Hub
Breakfast Club
Library News
Community Noticeboard Community News & Activities, GL William Scout Group, Nippon-Den Kempo Junseikan International Karate Club, Soccajoeys is Australia’s leading childhood development soccer program. 
COMPASS Discover how to get the most from your Compass Parent Portal., You’ll be an expert before you know it. 
Early Pickup Policy Picking up early? , Early Departures , It is preferable that all private appointments for students, including medical appointments, are made outside of school hours. , If you need to pick up early, you are required to notify THE OFFICE in the morning via phone (85606079) or email:, Every minute counts for success!
School Canteen The School Canteen is open Tuesday - Friday.
Before & After School Care Welcome to OSHClub
Boosting Dads Health & Wellbeing

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