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Issue Seven 2018  · 23 Oct 2018

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From the CEO  Message from the City LLEN CEO 
City LLEN News What Else Does the LLEN do?, Alternative Education Provider Network, MCG Careers Day, On Track Connect
Structured Workplace Learning New in SWL:
Youth & Education News VET Knowledge Bank , Re-renewed funding for the Reconnect Program, 7 News Young Achiever Awards , Victoria Police Diversity Recruitment Program, Foundation House Programs for Schools, Voices of the Unemployed , Charcoal Lane - Mission Australia , The Bastow Institute’s Horizon – Thought Leadership journal on school leadership, developments in pedagogy and all things school-related, Child Social Exclusion, Year 13 Youth Engagement Specialists
Attend This Respect and Equity: It All Starts Here, Cultural Diversity - inclusion, intelligence, agility - making it happen in your workplace, Ngaga-dji Project / Koorie Youth Council , Illuminate Series #5 Innovative Approaches to Education: Supporting Vulnerable Learners
Read This Mission Australia’s National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Report, Acute distress among young Australians triples in decade, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The National My Health Record, This article highlights the difficulties youth face today with finding entry level and low skilled employment options, What it feels like to be told 'go back to where you came from', VCE overhaul: Students to be tested on literacy and numeracy standards, Stressed about managing your child’s behaviour? Here are four things every parent should know, We need to change negative views of the jobs VET serves to make it a good post-school option, Students need different skills for a changing world, Six things you can do to get boys reading more, Free travel expanded for homeless and disadvantaged Victorians, Extending the shelf life of the school library in the internet age

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