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Issue 1 · 08 Feb 2023

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Upcoming Dates 2023 - Term One, Term Two, Term Three, Term Four
Principal's Report Landscape Masterplan, Updates..., Upcoming RE Dates, Mobile Phones and Smart Watches, School Fees
Classes 2023 Staffing 2023, Meet the 2023 Team
Communication Appointments with Teachers, Emailing Teachers, Skoolbag App, Email, Website, , Whatsapp Group protocols
Parents / Visitors Code of Conduct Purpose, Application, Definition of a ‘Parent' and 'Visitor’, Basic Principles, Expected Conduct and Bearing of All Parents and Visitors, Unacceptable Conduct, Breach of the Code of Conduct
Mathematics and Numeracy at home Why numeracy is important, Resources for parents, Numeracy guide: numeracy at home, Encouraging maths in early years learning, Maths Everyday - frieze, Factsheets - maths tips for early childhood, The Mathscots, Practical advice for parents, families and carers, Additional resources, activities and supports
Literacy 1. Reading aloud gives children access to books that are beyond what they might be able to read on their own., 2. Reading aloud exposes children to new vocabulary, 3.Reading aloud to children provides them with a model of fluent reading, A warm invitation...
WELLBEING NEWS Building strong working relationships with teachers, Get to know them, Trust their professionalism, Go through the right channels, Stay solution-focused, Utilise their resources, Build links to student learning, Stay in touch, Be loyal, In closing, Michael Grose
Garden News
Digital Technology News DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST CLASSES, Kind, Brave, Aware & Clever
Parent's Association 2023 P.A MEETINGS
What's Been Happening! PE Lessons with Mrs Aldcroft have commenced!, Guess which teacher these belong to?, Lunch time in the sun!, Art Lessons with Mrs Drum have commenced!, 4c's busy but smiley bees, Good to be back!
Meet the Team Principal and Deputy, Leadership Team, Religious Education Leader, Foundation Team, Year 1 Team, Year 2 Team, Year 3 Team, Year 4 Team, Year 5/6 Team, Learning Support Officers (LSO's), Gifted and Talented Leader, Art Teacher, Music Teacher, PE Teacher, Language (French)Teacher, Library Leader, Student Wellbeing Leader, Wellbeing Team, Office Team, ICT Leader, Parents Association Coordinators, Canteen Coordinators, Uniform Shop Coordinators, OSHC Leader - Camp Australia
Staff contact details
Contact Us School Details , PARISH PRIEST, Email Contacts, School Hours

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