Melton West Primary School

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It is the mission of MWPS to work collaboratively to ensure high levels of learning for all.



We are an inclusive learning community where students, families and staff collaborate to celebrate diversity, nurture curiosity, and encourage each other to achieve and grow as life-long learners. 



Our school values are:

 Respect - acting in a way that shows you care for yourself, others & the environment.

   Kindness -  means choosing to be friendly, considerate & showing concern for others.

      Teamwork - means working together to achieve our goals

  Honesty - means telling the truth & accepting responsibility for our actions.

       Resilience - means not giving up when things become hard.

               Communication - means being an active listener who values what others have to say & asks questions to understand the opinions of others. 

Issue 12 · 13 Aug 2023