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Issue 21 · 12 Dec 2023

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Mental Health &Wellbeing @ St. Johns 'Tis the season when Santa leaves new devices under the Christmas tree., 1. Talk to your teen about the responsibility of owning a phone, 2. Establish clear boundaries at the beginning, 3. Re-evaluate your own tech habits, 4. Set up parental control software, 5. Set the stage for more conversations, In this video, Justin Coulson talks about what it's like for a child with ADHD. Justin and his wife Kylie have six children, one of whom has ADHD., POPCULTURE PARENTING PODCAST, This podcast is about finding the sweet spot between the textbooks and real life when it comes to parenting. , Dr Billy (a developmental pediatrician at The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne) and Nick (a developing parent) are a couple of dads having honest discussions about parenting day to day., These guys use iconic TV and cinema scenes from the 80's & 90's to give context to Billy's parenting advice. , This link will take you to their website where there are varying parenting topics to explore! , Popculture Parenting. Happy listening!, Maggie Dent talks about the challenge of self-regulation and how to help our children regulate their emotions. She outlines what helps kids with self-regulation and what doesn't., Family separation and divorce can be very stressful for the children, young people and families, with people placed under varying degrees of stress., Digital mental health – that is, online mental health supports and services – is an effective way of providing support to children and young people., THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DEPRESSION AND FEELING DEPRESSED, Depression is more than just feeling sad or down - it's a serious condition that affects children and young people's mood, behaviour and thoughts about themselves and the future.
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