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Mellor Professional Learning Team:

Mornings in Mellor

A decision was made at the beginning of this year to open the doors to the Mellor classrooms at 8.50am when school commences instead of at 8.40am as in previous years. This decision has been made based on a restructure of the daily timetable.


Previously, we have begun the day with Discovery Time and once students organised themselves for the day they were able to begin a Discovery Time Activity. This year, starting in week 4, we begin our day with the InitiaLit program. Once students sign in and organise themselves for the day, they will move to their groups ready to begin InitiaLit at 9am (which may or may not be in their own classroom). 


We will continue to have Discovery Time at other times during the day (mostly in the afternoons) as we continue to incorporate a play based curriculum into our day.


Due to feedback from families, and noticing that there have been some issues around congested doorways when the bell goes we will try a new morning routine for Mellor students.

Students will be asked to place their bags neatly in their designated line up spot.

Doors will be opened approximately 8.45 am to allow students to drop their bag into the classroom and sign in only. They will then return to the yard until the bell goes at 8.50am



Kind Regards,

Mellor Team

Mellor Teachers

M1 Mandy.Jones566@schools.sa.edu.au 

M2 Kathy.Kite338@schools.sa.edu.au

M3 Maddy.Hicks696@schools.sa.edu.au

M4 Lauren.McCulloch992@schools.sa.edu.au (Wednesday to Friday)

M4 Joanne.Wegner768@schools.sa.edu.au (Monday and Tuesday)

M5 Sarah.Kroemer361@schools.sa.edu.au (Monday to Wednesday)

M5 Madeleine.moore780@schools.sa.edu.au (Thursday and Friday)

Specialist Teachers.

German - Elizabeth.Edwards559@schools.sa.edu.au (Monday to Thursday)

P.E - Amy.Byrnes464@schools.sa.edu.au

Science - Richard.Barwa911@schools.sa.edu.au

Important Dates


Term 1

  • Week 4 Friday 21/2/20 - Early years assembly (M1 hosting)
  • Weeks 5 and 6 Learning conferences
  • Week 5 Friday 28/2/20 Whole school assembly
  • Week 6 Tuesday 3/3/20 School photo day
  • Week 7 Monday 9/3/20 Public holiday
  • Week 9 Friday 27/3/20 Sports Day
  • Week 10 Friday 22/3/20 Early years assembly (M2 hosting)
  • Week 11 Thursday 9/4/20 Whole School Assembly (Reception Schultuten Presentation) Thursday 9/4/20 Last day of term early dismissal