Principal's report

Dear Parents, Students, Carers and Guardians,

How are you managing with this different situation?  I am hoping that as the time goes on that families slip into a natural rhythm that represents what can be managed by your family. 

MPWPS has started slowly with the learning and the online video aspects.  We think if we can get the rhythm correct, then frustration will be lower and all will be happier in every home.

Parents are not teachers and we do not want you to be.  You take on the role of a ‘guide at the side’ in this situation.  All parents are working in some way from home and so ‘doing with’ your children is the desired approach rather than ‘doing for!’  It might be useful for you at some time over the week to self -check and see how much ‘doing for’ you are responsible for, and try to ‘flip’ that! It can be an interesting reflection.   We all want the best for our children, however sometimes a struggle is what is required to get to the level of independence that ensures quality learning as a self-starter.

The recommended time for Remote Learning at home is as follows:  

Literacy: up to 60 min per day

Numeracy: up to 30 minutes per day.  All of these guidelines are on the Parent Tips and Tricks page we sent via COMPASS last week. 


In your child’s locker tub there are books that they can be using to assist their completion of tasks.  Please ensure these books are used respectfully as they need to be returned when school resumes. 

Media Platforms

Our social media platform (Facebook) and our newly upgraded School Website are going along swimmingly!  These platforms provide another way we can communicate to you.  Google Classroom is the platform for students to communicate with their teachers and COMPASS is still the way that teachers will communicate with parents and vice versa.  In the Parents Guide to Remote Learning (now on the Website) you will see the Communication Protocols/Guidelines that we worked on last year, and have had endorsed by School Council.  Please ensure that you have a quick glance at these so that we all stay on the same page.

Video Conferencing

We all know there is nothing like the face-to-face contact and so ensuring this is working and not a source of frustration, is our goal.  The Department of Education has advocated for Webex as a provider as it provides a higher level of security.  Platforms like ZOOM are not advocated by the Department.   Webex Meetings is the tool we will be using and are trialling during week 2 ready for implementation across the school from week 3.  Further details of how and times for conferences will be circulated to parents via COMPASS and to students via Google Classroom.  

Some teachers have made short instructional videos and posted with the tasks as they are uploading.  Please encourage your child to watch these, as they will help with their understanding.

If it all gets too hard (which some days this will occur) get out the bikes or outside for a play with the dog or off for a walk with no talking OR go to your home timetable (if you have one) and pull in the specific tasks to be completed.  We are aiming this virtual experience to be as easy as possible.  Thank-you to all parents and families that have provided us with such positive feedback on our endeavours in this new area of Remote Online Learning.

Finally, yes I have successfully obtained the Principal’s position substantively.  I feel that this is such a privilege for me.  To be able to continue the work started, and to lead not only the staff, but the community in a collaborative and constructive way is a dream position.  I thank you all for your support and encouragement in the past and into the future of Moonee Ponds West PS.


Until we meet in person, have a productive time supporting your child/ren's learning at this uncertain time.  You might find out something you didn’t know about them as a learner. It is always exciting to find out these things.


Kerri Simpson


Moonee Ponds West PS