School Council 

Introducing our 2020 School Councillors

Matthew Cam


Hi everyone, my name is Matthew Cam this is my first year at Moonee Ponds West PS and on the School Council.  My wife, Bianca, and I have a son Benjamin who started at MPWPS in Foundation this year and a younger daughter Sophia who is still a couple of years away from school but really enjoyed her visits to school when this was possible pre COVID!


I work in project & portfolio management at CSL, a company which makes vaccines and treatments for patients with rare diseases.


I have been really impressed by how welcoming the school community has been and how adaptable everyone has been to the rapidly changing world we find ourselves in.


I appreciate how hard everyone is doing it at the moment. A big congratulations to the teachers, parents and the students for all of their efforts in these unprecedented times. Please feel free to reach out to myself or other School Council Members as we are really keen to connect and represent the school community we are all a part of.


School Council Meeting

The latest School Council Meeting was held virtually on Monday 24 August and chaired by our new President, Brian Stanley. The meeting is summarised as follows:

  • A document has been developed summarising how MPWPS is supporting students during remote learning.
  • Endorsed the recommended schematic drawings to support the pursuit of a Minor Capital grant.
  • Virtual AGM for MPWPS 2019 is scheduled for Monday 14 September at 7:30pm to enable community members to attend.
  • A School Community Flyer has been developed to provide an overview of the Annual Report and associated actions.
  • Agreed the recommended lease proposal for an upgrade of the schools telephone system.
  • Family friendly Trivia session to be advertised for late September. This will be a wonderful opportunity for community engagement during this challenging time.
  • Volunteers Handbook for 2021 will be distributed to new parents enrolled for 2021 and shared amongst existing MPWPS parents at a future time.
  • Endorsed the idea of strengthening the work of the Environment Committee by enlisting support of all other functioning groups across the school.
  • Grounds donations made by parents in 2020 will be used to support the aspects outlined in the Landcare grant, if the grant is unsuccessful.
  • School Council completed the School Council Self- Assessment Tool, which will inform areas for future development going forward.
  • For 2020 the Minister has authorised a reduction in the minimum number of school council meetings from eight to six meetings over the year. School Council meeting schedule to be reviewed to ensure we have held  the minimum the six mandated meetings.
  • Principal Feedback Forum to be scheduled to allow for Community feedback and questions regarding Term 3 Remote Learning




School Council Membership 2020

Parent members:

  • Simone Beever
  • Matthew Cam
  • Shannon Jeffs
  • Matthew Kenny - Treasurer
  • Jane Kingsley
  • Anna Poole
  • Anna Radywonik
  • Brian Stanley - President
  • Nigel Toussaint - Vice President

 DET members:

  • Kerri Simpson - Executive Officer
  • Helen Lockart
  • Melanie Beissel
  • Barbara McKenzie
  • Sandra Monaghan  - School Council Secretary

School Council Meetings commence at 18:30:

  • Monday 24th February
  • Monday 23rd March
  • Monday 25th May
  • Monday 22nd June
  • Monday 24th August
  • Monday 14th September
  • Monday 23rd November
  • Monday 14th December

Sub Committee's 2020 - Expression of Interest 

Are you interested in joining one of the School Council Sub Committees for 2020? Please find attached an Expression of Interest. You may return you Expression of Interest by email to the School Council Secretary @


Community Engagement Sub Committee

I’ve been a proud MPW parent for 10 years and joined this group last year because I wanted to support the school, our students and our wonderful parent community. It’s a common theme you hear from everyone involved at MPW: “we have a great community”! 

The Community Engagement sub committee meets twice a term, after school for about 45 minutes.  Our aims are to foster engagement with our parents,  work on building & strengthening our connections to the local community and support our school. 

If you’ve got a couple of hours to spare per term, this is a great informal way to make a difference and have some input to how our school communicates with the community.  All bright ideas are welcome, and it’s not too late to join us for this year!


Sally Monro

Community Engagement Sub Committee

Sub Committee Meetings

Education Committee - Meetings commence at 18:30:

  • Monday 10th February
  • Monday 2nd March
  • Monday 4th May
  • Monday 1st June
  • Monday 3rd August
  • Monday 12th October
  • Monday 9th November

Resources Committee - Meetings commence at 19:00:

  • Tuesday 11th February
  • Tuesday 10th March
  • Tuesday 12th May
  • Tuesday 9th June
  • Tuesday 11th August
  • Tuesday 13th October
  • Tuesday 10th November
  • Tuesday 8th December


Environment Committee -

Meetings commence at 18:00:

  • Wednesday 19th February
  • Wednesday 18th March
  • Wednesday 20th May
  • Wednesday 17th June
  • Wednesday 19th August
  • Monday 19th October
  • Wednesday 18th November

Community Engagement meetings commences at 16:00

  • Wednesday 19th February
  • Wednesday 18th March
  • Wednesday 20th May
  • Monday 15th June
  • Wednesday 19th August
  • Wednesday 14th October
  • Wednesday 18th November

Annual General Meeting 2019 Report