Remote Learning Newsletter

News from the Principal

Greetings to all families, friends, staff and community of MPWPS,

Today is the first day of Spring and I guess you are wondering how the daffodils are going?  Well check them out below!


As you can see, they are now all in bloom and looking a picture of yellow swaying in the breeze! I must say they brighten up the school grounds as they are so bright and giving of pleasure. I am hoping there might be some flowers in this garden bed to enjoy when you all return.  Also in this bed with the daffodils is a blue flower known as lobelia.  We could have a sea of blue! How exciting. 

Enrolments for 2021

We are about to close off the enrolment time, so please if there is a sibling out there get those enrolment forms in!  Once we have all the siblings and children in the area, we can start to welcome other students whose parents have chosen MPWPS for their educational journey.  This coming year we will have some capacity to welcome students from outside our boundary; but only some.  As Principal I am charged with managing the enrolment numbers so that the number of children onsite, fits the facilities that we already have here. If we grow with numbers from within the boundary, we are eligible for additional classrooms. 

Action:  Enrolment forms in asap please!

Not Returning to MPWPS in 2021

Boo Hoo sorry you are leaving us! 

In order for us to plan accurately, please complete the form below and return to the General Office  via email to 


Action:  We would appreciate your indication as soon as possible. 

Principal Q and A’s 

This week we are hosting two (2) Q and A sessions (Tues 1/9 and Thurs (3/9) where prospective parents can seek to have their questions and wonderings answered by Kerri and Barb.  We are also hopeful of having a school tour day (actual or virtual) on Wednesday October 7th so that prospective parents can see the school and get a ‘feel’ for the learning environment. It is an exciting time when your child starts school, we know this, and want to support and celebrate this milestone. It all depends on our Statewide situation. 

Family Trivia Fun Time

We are very excited to offer this family opportunity to come together in a virtual space. Saturday Sept 19 and Sunday Sept 20 are the dates and our wonderful host Dolly will be with us again to enable fun for all.

Recognising the need for us as a community to come together, prompts us to provide this opportunity without cost, so committed are we to re-establishing family and student connections in anticipation of returning to school sometime soon.  We will also provide for each family a Fun Bag so that the afternoon can really be focussed on fun. 

As the school’s fundraising opportunities have literally evaporated before our eyes, we will provide a no obligation donation envelope in the Fun Bag should families feel they wish to contribute. The Family Trivia Fun Time has connection as its driving motive, so if you are interested the Eventbrite link is below. Come along it will be fun our host Dolly is amazing!!

Weeks 9 and 10

In the final two weeks of this term most of the teachers will be using their Professional Practice Days to follow learning for improvement to their practice or to do other learning or duties as chosen.   The class teacher will communicate with you via COMPASS and Google Classroom about which day. Please read the COMPASS pushes so that you can stay with the activities of the school.  In week 10 on Monday Sept 14 all staff will have their Planning Day, so children will again be required to work solo.  Timetables will provide either virtual excursions or a wellbeing focus on either of these days.     These days are extremely important for the effective learning and teaching across the school.

Annual General Meeting Monday Sept 14th at 7.30pm

Each year the school is required to report to the community on that year that was. On Monday Sept 14 you are all invited to a WebEx meeting to share the school’s achievement from 2019. Whilst we continue to focus on improvement, and we know that one swallow does not make a Summer, we are pretty pleased with our 2019 school result. It demonstrates we are on the right work and that staff and students are learning together. We have an Eventbrite link for this evening below.



We expect that the meeting will be for about an hour and our Learning Specialists (Literacy and Numeracy) Assistant Principal and Leading Teacher (Assessment and Reporting and ICT) will be speaking to the work teams have been focussed on. Usually at a school’s AGM we have wine and cheese for the audience; not so this year, so join us with a refreshment of your choice. 

Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

Last week you had the opportunity to speak  together with your child’s  teacher. How did it go?  From our end the teachers that had many conferences in a row, were weary by the end of each day. WebEx interactions are draining as you are required to be ‘on’ each interaction each moment.  It is different from the more social interaction face to face. I acknowledge the contribution that staff have made to your child’s learning in this way, and thank them for the preparation and diligence that I saw from behind the scenes. The Professional Learning Teams across the school worked to ensure a consistent and professional approach.  Of course, your feedback can improve what we offered and this week via COMPASS Insight section we will offer the chance for this feedback.  Insight is accessed via the top tool bar on your COMPASS homepage.  Look out for this as feedback is the way to improve!

Well that’s about it for another week.

Stay well and Safe and by the way have you seen the Spoonville Village that is developing! It is amazing. I hear that it is on the International Spoonville Facebook page!

Sincerely and in partnership


Kerri Simpson



Write a letter to a friend!

In order for the children to stay connected with their friends whilst we are away from school  we have a LETTER TO A FRIEND WASHING LINE at the front of the school.   Now that the weather is improving write a letter to your friend, put it in an envelope, and peg it on the line. You can drop it off whilst on your daily walk and your friend can pick it up on their walk! Remember first name and Rm number on the envelope.  This will start on THURSDAY of this week. 

Writing for real purposes!


Monday Assembly

Please enjoy Monday's assembly and a presentations attached from Emerson from Room 1, Zoe and Rosie from Room 2.


MVIMP Remote Lessons

Remote Woodwind lessons with Terri!