From the Principal 

Week 6 Term 4 2022

Dear Parents and Carers


PA AGM Meeting.

A reminder to our community that the Parents Association Annual General meeting with be held on the 17th November commencing at 7.00pm. All members of our community are invited to attend, espcially if you are interested in joining the wonderful committee for next year. You will find more information about the meeting in the Parents Association section of this newsletter.


Christmas Market

The annual St Bede's Christmas market will be held on Friday 18th November between 5pm and 8pm.  This year ( weather dependent) the market will be held outside on the oval.  There are 45 wonderful stalls for you to persue at your leisure.  We look forward to a wonderful evening where our community can gather together. A huge thank to to Pascal and her committee  who have organised this event.  




Prep 2023 Transition Day 3


 Another wonderful transition morning was held on Tuesday as we hosted our new preps for 2023. It is clear to  to see how beneficial these mornings are as we witnessed the growing confidence and enthusiasm of these children, (and their younger siblings!!)  Our 4th session will be held next week.


2023 School Fees

School fees which families pay each year play an important part in ensuring our school's is well resourced which enables our quality learning programs to run each year. I would like to  thank all those families who ensure these fees are paid each year and remind you all that St. Bede's fees are kept as affordable as possible. In consultation with our school business manager  we will be increasing our fees by 5%. This is slightly below the recommended level by MACS.  There will need to be an increase in camp fees for Year 3/4 and 5/6 to meet the increase in organisational charges. 



A few weeks ago I mentioned how well our students had achieved in NAPLAN and showed the community some data.  Each Year MACS also sends out data and compares us to like Catholic schools across Melbourne. It was wonderful to see that St Bede's achieved above these schools (they only provide reading and numeracy data).

This is the first time in many years our numeracy has been above like schools. We look forward to continuing this trend.


Have a great week.