Mrs Burton 

A Message from the Principal

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and joyful New Year! Merry Christmas! Have a relaxing holiday. 


I sincerely thank the students, staff, parents, and friends of St Patrick's for the last four years.  My exciting and rewarding experience as Principal of St Patrick’s School is coming to an end. My sincere thanks to everyone for being part of a big team that helps make St Pat's a great school. 



 We farewell the Year 6 students, knowing that St Patrick's School has prepared these students well for Secondary School.  Farewell to Koby, Chelsea, Toby, Ben, Harry, Amelia, Sara, Callum, Campbell, Hunter, Cameron.


To the Year 6 families who leave us at the end of 2021, after a long association, we wish you well. Farewell & thank you to the following families Ireland, Marchant, Miller, Pittman, Thornbury & Turner.


We also say farewell to David Wright as his family move to Wauchope.


We also bid farewell to Mrs Riley. I know that under the leadership of  Mr Hyatt, St Patrick’s will continue to be the great school it is. 


To all our families, I wish you love and peace, which is Christmas, and a great new year!