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Fizz, Splatter, Pop!

Get your goggles on for term two, because the students in rooms 6, 21 and 22 are experimenting with solids, liquids and gases! We're making hypotheses and using our senses to make observations and record what we discover.


We were hoping for a big explosion when we mixed milk and cola together in our first experiment of the term. Even though the roof stayed on and no carpets were ruined, the experiment definitely caused an explosion of curiosity and interest!


Check out our experiment below and some examples of the observations your little scientists are making.



Information Night

On Wednesday evening, MPW hosted literacy consultant David Hornsby. David is in his 51st year of education, he has many published works on literacy practices, has lectured at various universities and is highly sought after all around the world.


David aimed to address the questions:


  • What do we actually do when we’re reading?
  • How does our spelling system work? (It’s not all about sound.)
  • Why is phonics always a ‘hot topic’?
  • What is phonics, and what place does it have in a literacy program?
  • How can we help our children with reading at home?


David’s presentation was very engaging and at times comical. His passion was evident by the 81 slides that he had prepared, though he only made it through half of them!  The presentation was met very positively by the staff and parents of MPW.


Parents were invited to share what they found interesting and informative after the presentation. 


Here are some of their thoughts after the presentation…


“The context of phonics, not as simple as I thought!”


“Be the parent, NOT the teacher.”


“Develop a love of reading. Doesn’t always have to be kids reading to me.”


“The whole presentation was extremely interesting and a lot to think about.  Very helpful techniques were explained that as parents we can use to help our children. Very helpful to understand the process of learning and the methods used at MPW.”


“Reading ‘easy’ books at home is OK. Phonics not effective in isolation – has to be taught in context of meaning.”


“Honestly I had no idea how my child was being taught to read and write.”


“An eye opener – will change my home beliefs.”


“How to apply it at home. Enjoy reading to your child!”


We would like to thank David again for working with the school and we hope to work with him again in the future.


For further information on this, please visit David’s website at:


As well as the PowerPoint slides from the evening:


We would also like to extend a huge thank you to the staff and community for attending this event.


Kind regards,


English PLT




Have you noticed a special book on the Circulation desk in the Library?

A very big thank you to Shirl Ramage for making and donating her time in the creating book for our Library.

It’s a wonderful edition in the many varied displays and a focal point for discussion and curiosity.



Library Open Lunchtime

Exciting news! The school library is now open all lunchtime, Monday-Thursday (hopefully soon also Friday). Children can now borrow every day—and visit the library with friends to read lots of different books together.

We have been very happy to see older kids reading with preps, children from Buddies grades meeting up, kids swapping favourite authors and books, and lots more reading happening throughout the school.

Please make sure your child knows the library is now available for reading and borrowing. Many thanks to Michelle and Lurinda in the library, and to the many teachers who have volunteered to assist.


The English Team


Free Activity Day for Grade 5/6

Wednesday, 23rd May, 2018

F.A.D. is coming up! This is one of our favourite days of the school year – a day where our older students select from a range of great activities and create themselves a timetable of a fantastic day of learning and fun. Students, teachers, parents, uncles, aunties, grandparents and friends are invited to plan and run an activity for small groups of students to do on the day. All that’s required is some enthusiasm and a willingness to have a go (as well as a current working with children certificate, if you are an adult)!


Here are just some ideas for activities from previous successful F.A.D.s: football/ hockey/ cricket clinics, cooking, tie-dyeing, drama games, trivia, drawing, karaoke, dance, organ dissection, soccer match/skills games, table tennis tournament, calligraphy, woodwork, crafts, card making, sushi/ pizza/ pasta making, construction, basketball match/drills, puppetry, science experiments, aerobics, cartooning, jewellery making, fishing, learning a new board or card game, how to set up a tent, etc.


If you’re interested in running an activity on the day, please talk to a Grade 5/6 teacher, get a form and return it to Fiona in Room 10. 

If you would like to find out more about F.A.D. before committing, or if you would like some help deciding on an activity, feel free to discuss this with one of the 5/6 teachers or other parents who have been involved in previous years.