Mr Hyatt

Beach to Bush Presentation 

This afternoon all of the students participated in a Beach to Bush presentation. The presentation focused on beach and inland water safety. Some of the topics that were covered included: general beach safety, sun safety, rips and waves, sea creatures, basic first aid, rescues and getting help from a lifeguard. All of the students had a great time and there were a large number of enthusiastic volunteers who took part in various role plays as well as dressing up as lifeguards.


Year 3-6 Band Workshop- Friday 2nd December

On Friday 2nd December, our Years 3-6 students will be travelling to NECOM (Armidale) to take part in a band workshop. Our students will be combining with other schools throughout the region and they will be participating in some rehearsals, musical games as well as performing as a large band. We have been informed that the performance will be recorded and as soon as this is released, we will forward it onto our families through one of our social media platforms.




School Facebook Account

The school's Facebook page is up and running and we have over fifty followers already. Remember, our Facebook page is constantly updated advertising the various events that the school will be involved within the very near future. If you would to follow us on Facebook, please feel free to use the link below to gain access.


Mini Vinnies Talent Quest- Thursday 1st December

The Mini Vinnies Talent Quest will be taking place on Thursday 1st December commencing at 1.45pm. We are looking forward to seeing the large number of various acts that will be performed on this day. Some of the acts include: juggling, singing, dancing, joke-telling as well as puppeteering. Good luck to all of our super stars, we are definitely looking forward to your performance.


The winners of our Talent Quest will receive:


1st Place-The Jellybean Cup

2nd Place- Canteen Dessert Voucher

3rd Place- Stationary Pack


Viewer's Choice- A Mystery Prize


End of Year Presentation Night - Wednesday 7th December @ WCS 6pm

This will be the first time in a number of years that we will be able to have our Annual End of Year Presentation Night without any restrictions associated with COVID-19. This year we will be having our Presentation Night at the Walcha Multipurpose Centre on the 7th December commencing at 6pm. The first part of the night will take approximately an hour, where recognition will be given broadcasting the large number of highlights that we have had over this academic year as well as a number of performances. The second part of the night will be a barbecue, where all members of our school community are invited to join us. 



Mufti Day and School Disco on Wednesday 7th December

At the School's Presentation Night on Wednesday 7th December, all of the students will be required to wear their normal school uniform. On this day the students will be allowed to wear 'Mufti Clothing' to school. Also, during the afternoon all of the students will be taking part in a school disco under the Cola. The disco will commence at 1.45pm and will continue for the rest of the school day.


2023 School Leadership Speeches and Election Day on Wednesday

I know that we have eight Year 5 students who are very nervous at the moment as they are in the final stages of preparing and rehearsing their speeches for our upcoming 2023 School Leadership Speeches and Election Day this upcoming Wednesday 30th November. I would like to thank all of our Year 5 students who have nominated themselves to fill these positions if elected. I know all of you would do a fantastic job! The Year 5 speeches will commence at 9.30am in the library and parents are invited to join us. After the speeches have concluded, all of the students and staff members will then cast their votes. Our 2023 School Leaders will be officially announced at our End of Year Presentation Night. 

Semester 2 Reporting

Currently, the teachers are working on our Semester Two student reports.  Parents will be able to view the reports via the parent portal in Week 9. How to access the Semester Two reports on Compass in Week 9:  

Log into Compass

To view the Semester 2 report either click on your child's profile and select report.


2023 School Fees

With the rise of the cost of living including the price hike of essentials like: electricity, fuel, food and other basic items for living going through the roof and it looks like this will be the new norm for the very near future. Instead of raising the school fees in accordance with the rise in inflation as I am meant to, I have decided to keep the school fees for the 2023 academic year at the same amount as this year. I hope this helps all of our families in some small way.


The 2023 school fees are as follows:

One child in a family = $1455 per year.

Two children in a family =  $2765 year.

Three children in a family = $4074 year.


Term 4  - End of Year Date

School for the students will conclude for the year on Friday 16th December.


Dates for Term 1, 2023

The official start date for the 2022 school year will be Wednesday 1st February 2023 for all students in Years 1 - 6. Kindergarten will commence Friday 3rd February 2023 following Best Start Assessments.



Our School Office hours are from 8:30am -3:30pm Monday to Friday. 

If the school phone is unattended please leave a message on the answering machine.

In emergencies outside Office Hours you can also phone the school mobile 0428772328