Mini Vinnies 



St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal

On Wednesday the Mini Vinnies children met to plan the Vinnies Christmas Appeal.

This year we would like to give our local St Vincent de Paul Store Christmas Gift Bags with gifts that they can give to people who are struggling this Christmas.


Each family will receive a Christmas Gift Bag to take home and bring back to school with a gift in the bag for one of the following - Girl, Boy, Lady, Man or Christmas Hamper items.




The Mini Vinnies children will have a Christmas Tree in the Front Office area for the Christmas Bags to be placed under. We would like the gift bags returned by the 1st of December so the Mini Vinnies children can deliver them to the local store.





The Mini Vinnies children are also planning on getting the school to make decorations that will be delivered to the nursing homes with cards to wish the residents a Happy Christmas.