Community Announcements

 Service NSW Back To School Vouchers 

All NSW parents, carers and guardians of primary or secondary school children can apply for $150 vouchers through the service NSW app


 Tracey Hoy - Uniform shop is registered for the vouchers, so you can use to purchase school uniforms.





Transport for NSW


Project Update - Oxley Highway 

Friday 16 December at 3pm, the temporary road closures currently in place between Tuesdays and Fridays will be lifted.


The Oxley Highway at Mount Seaview will return to single lane alternating flow at certain sections. On-going restoration work will continue within the closed lane.


All non-essential work will stop from Saturday 24 December and will restart on Monday 9 January.


Please feel free to share this document with your stakeholders including businesses, accommodation, tourism, freight in your area.