Mr Hyatt

Good Times Must Come To An End

Well, it is now less than 24 hours when this school year will officially end for the students. For the large majority of the staff, it will be on Tuesday afternoon. I know there will be tears, joy, relief as well as a number of mixed emotions expressed when the bell rings for the final time at 2.55 pm tomorrow.


What a year 2022 has been! Sitting back and reflecting on what, we as a school community has accomplished is outstanding. I know I have thanked everyone many numerous times during the last fortnight but without your assistance, advice, and guidance, our students would not have had the opportunity to achieve the amazing number of accomplishments that they have. My sincere thanks to everyone for being part of a big team that helps make St Patrick's a great school as well in my very biased opinion, the best school in NSW. 


We farewell the Year 6 students, knowing that St Patrick's Primary has prepared these students well for Secondary School.  Farewell to Hugo, Brydie, Ellie, Connor and Sarah.


To the Year 6 families who leave us at the end of 2022, after a long association, we wish you well. Farewell & thank you to the following families: Blomfield's, Elk's, Imberger's and Swanton's.


We also say farewell to Athena Li and Georgina Arundale-Fuller and their families as we wish them all of the best in their future endeavours.


We also bid farewell to Mrs Biddle as she will be commencing her new role at the Catholic School Office next year.


To all our families, I wish you love and peace, which is Christmas, and a great new year!

Staffing for 2023

I had hoped that I could have informed everyone of the 2023 classroom arrangements last week but this did not eventuate due to a number of reasons. Finally, everything has been sorted and the information was released to all families on Tuesday. I would like to formally welcome Cian Cattelini to the team. Cian will be job sharing with Mrs Makeham on Year 3-4. Cian has completed some relief teaching with us throughout this term and before then, she has worked in schools throughout  Queensland as well as the Northern Territory. 


Kindergarten - Ms Wilson

Year 1 / 2 Mrs Flanagan

Year 3 / 4 Miss Cattelini and Mrs Makeham. 

Year 5/ 6 Mrs Davey

Mrs Healey  - Release From Face to Face/Library, MaST & Friday in Year 1/ 2

Mrs Makeham- Year 3-4, as well as Acting Leader of Pedagogy

My Hyatt - Principal, Religious Education Coordinator and Friday in Year 5-6

IST-Mrs Kym Didlick-Godwin (every Wednesday)


End of Year Pool Party Tomorrow Afternoon!

To finish off the school year, all of the students and staff will be walking to and from the Walcha Swimming Pool for an afternoon of swimming and pool games. Hopefully, we will have a nice day. The students will be also allowed to wear mufti clothing tomorrow as well. Can you please ensure that your child/ren does not wear their swimming costumes to school as we will be getting changed before we leave to go to the pool.

Dates for Term 1, 2023

The official start date for the 2022 school year will be Wednesday 1st February 2023 for all students in Years 1 - 6. Kindergarten will commence Friday 3rd February 2023 following Best Start Assessments.


Back to school essentials 2023

All students in years 3-6 in 2023 are encouraged to have a small pencil case with basic supplies to be used in the classroom next year. Items may include 12 x coloured pencils, 

2 x lead pencils, a pencil sharpener and an eraser.




Our School Office hours are from 8:30am -3:30pm Monday to Friday. 

If the school phone is unattended please leave a message on the answering machine.

In emergencies outside Office Hours you can also phone the school mobile 0428772328