COVID Update

As you may have been aware recently the number of COVID cases continues to rise and various members of our community have been advised to have their next booster shot. I know that a number of our school members have had COVID in the past and now we have been advised due to the new variants of the Omnicron strand of this virus can reinfect a person after 28 days. Hopefully, the projected forecast of higher case numbers as well as people required to be hospitalised will not eventuate.


Recently we have received another installment of the rapid antigen tests. Most of them are nasal kits. However, we still have some oral rapid antigen testing kits at school. If your family requires more kits, please feel free to contact us.


Please remember, these tests are to be used only if your child is displaying any symptoms associated with COVID. 


Remember, there are still a number of positive cases in the Walcha community, including some members of our learning community. So we still must be vigilant to ensure that we continue to minimise the spread of COVID. Any student or staff member who is unwell and/or displays symptoms of COVID-19 must be asked to go home and stay there until they can complete a RAT or PCR test. If a student or staff member displays even mild COVID-19 symptoms, they must take a RAT or get a PCR test and isolate until they receive a negative test result. Students must not come to school until they are symptom free, even if they get a negative RAT result. If unfortunately, your child has contacted the virus, please contact the school immediately.