Mr Hyatt

August is Here!

Where is the year going? Now it is the first week of August. As you can probably tell, I am definitely not a winter person and I am counting the number of days before the weather will warm up. Hopefully! Moving into August means that we are beginning to move out of winter. We begin to observe some changes. We will see the new signs of life beginning to stir in the earth and soon we will really begin to notice the longer days.


I know that I am getting off topic here but one of my hobbies is horse racing and Monday 1st August is known as the birthday of thoroughbred horses. They are bred to be born on this day so when the time comes for the foal to be broken in, it is the right time of the year for them to race!


Well, that's enough about some facts about August. I have to admit that over the last fortnight it has seemed to be very quiet as we haven't had any visitors and/or major events happening. That is definitely going to change with the week that is coming up as we have the Catholic Schools Office Director, Mr Chris Smyth visiting the school on Thursday. Also various ICAS Assessments will be taking place as well as the Diocesan Athletics Carnival being held at Tamworth next Friday, 12th August, where we have 18 students attending. We wish them all the best of luck as they will be competing against the best athletes in the diocese.


Year 3-4 Thalgarrah Excursion

It won't be long before the Year 3-4 students will be taking part in an excursion to Thalgarrah Environmental Education Centre on Wednesday 17th August. From the itinerary that I have seen, it looks like it is going to be a fantastic day. A big thank you goes to Ms Wilson for organising this activity.


Year 5-6 Canberra Excursion

Yesterday information was sent home to our Years 5 and 6 students in regards to their excursion to Canberra that is happening during Week 9 (Monday 12th-Friday 16th September)

Information that was sent home included an itinerary, School Excursions to the ACT COVID-19 Protocols Parents/Guardians Checklist, COVID-19 Personal Declaration Form as well as details on what to bring, medications, expectations of behaviour, spending money and other various items. Parents are reminded that it is essential that the school receives the Medical Information Form by Monday 15th August as well as the COVID-19 Personal Declaration Form in the 24 hours leading to our departure. 


Below are links and attachments for the various pieces of documentation that were sent home.


Personal COVID Health Declaration Form






Save the Date: Friday 2nd September

Friday 2nd September is definitely going to be an action-packed day with a number of activities that are happening. We will be beginning the day with our annual Father's Day Breakfast. Also, we are inviting all of our grandparents to join us for Grandparents Day, where there will be a number of activities coinciding with this special occasion. Some of the activities include our annual Book Week celebrations with the fair operating as well as our Book Week fashion parade. The theme for Book Week this year is: Dream With Your Eyes Open and for the fashion parade, we are encouraging our students (including transition) to dress up as: 'What They Want To Be When They Grow Up!'. I better start going through all of my costumes to see what I can come up with. More information will be provided in future editions of the newsletter.


Year One Phonics Screener Assessment

From this upcoming Monday, all Year 1 students throughout NSW will take part in the Year 1 Phonics Screener Assessment. This a short assessment that tells teachers how students are progressing in phonics. More information about this assessment is included below:



2022 School Improvement Survey 

In 2022, the Catholic Schools Office has once again engaged the services of Survey My School to provide a platform for parents to supply St Patrick's School with feedback on our current practices and procedures. These surveys will be emailed to parents the week of the 22nd August.



New England Sings 2022 Term 3 for Years 3-6

Earlier this week a note went home via COMPASS to the parents of our Years 3-6 students indicating whether they would like their child or children to participate in the 2022 version of New England Sings! Thank you to the parents who have already responded. Can I please ask, if you haven't done so already, is that you indicate whether you are willing for your child to take part in this event as very soon we will have Paul Jarman visiting the school to lead a singing rehearsal.


NEW ENGLAND SINGS! 2022 COMBINED PRIMARY CHOIRS REHEARSAL SCHEDULE Armidale and surrounding schools – outreach schools will have rehearsals scheduled at their own school. However, outreach schools are welcome to attend the Armidale workshops if possible.


This exciting event is beginning to take shape, 16 schools (with approx. 500 choristers) in the combined Primary choirs and 14 schools (with approx. 450 choristers) in the Secondary choir. 


The 2022 project will include:

The commissioning of two works from wonderful Australian composers – Justine Clarke for the Primary choir and Luke Byrne for the Secondary choir.


Paul Jarman will be attending workshops throughout the year and will conduct the Primary choirs at the final weekend of rehearsals and concerts.



Date:                                  Tuesday 16 August

Time:                                  12:00 – 1:30pm


FINAL REHEARSAL (all schools, including outreach schools to attend):

Date: Saturday 22nd October (directed by Paul Jarman) 

Time: Primary Choir 1 9:30am – 11:00am (arrive by 9:15am) 

 Venue: Armidale Secondary College


CONCERTS: Date: Sunday 23rd October (directed by (with Paul Jarman) 

Time: Primary Choir 11:00am – 1:00pm (arrive by 10:15am) 

Venue: Armidale Secondary College (Butler St)



St Patrick’s School is an outreach school for the rehearsals but we will attempt to attend two of the rehearsals in Armidale. 

Parents will have to commit to the Saturday 22nd October - Final Rehearsal and Sunday 23rd October Concert. If they wish their child to participate in New England Sings. 


A short video on what New England Sings! is all about is included below: