Uniform Expectations

Parents please support the staff in ensuring your child/children are fully dressed in their correct uniform each day.  This includes the correct hat, shorts, socks and black shoes.

St Patrick's has always had high expectations around the school uniform and it is an expectation that everyone wears the uniform with pride. The expectation is the correct uniform is worn everyday. 


 If your child is not able to wear the correct uniform please send a note to school explaining the reason.


 If a child is repeatedly out of uniform with out an explanation parents will be contacted. 


Thank you for your continued support to ensure that the children are in the correct school uniform in a neat and tidy manner each day.

This is a very important aspect of school as it teaches the children to understand that standards are important in their lives, as well as respecting the community they belong to.

Jewellery & Nail Polish

Jewellery: Signet rings, watch, studs, small sleepers acceptable.

Wearing of makeup and nail polish is unacceptable during school hours



The school uniform is available from Tracey Hoy in Walcha who can be contacted at:

Phone: 0428772822 or Email:  sewontracey@bigpond.com

Hours Mon-Fri afternoons 3-5pm or by appointment.

114w Commercial Lane Walcha 

Sun Safe

School caps are available from the Uniform Shop - Mrs Tracey Hoy in Walcha who can be contacted at: Phone: 0428772822 or 

Email:  sewontracey@bigpond.com

Hours Mon-Fri afternoons 3-5pm or by appointment, 114w Commercial Lane  Walcha  

Please ensure that your child has the correct school uniform cap or hat. 

School Clothing Pool

The School Secretary is available to assist you with the Clothing Pool between 8:30-9am, 12pm  or 3:00- 3:30pm

Term 3 Uniform 

Term 3 -  students are expected to be in full Winter Uniform. 




At school we are more than happy to return lost uniform items to students.  However, to do this, the items need to be clearly labelled.  Please ensure that all items are clearly labelled.  


Price list is attached.  Please see Mrs Pittman in the school office for the Uniform Order form OR print out the copy below and return to the school office or email Tracey Hoy