Captains Report 

This week students across the whole school have participated in swimming. This is the first time the entire school has gone altogether. We were supposed to do a different year level each week but circumstances prevented this from happening. Students who did not attend swimming still learned about water safety back at school as knowing how to be safe around water is important for everyone. Everyone who went seemed to have a good time so we would like to share some of the student’s thoughts about the program.


Dios 1D - ‘I liked playing red light green light in the water.’


Bella 3C - ‘Diving because I liked how they taught me to dive safely.’


Tarrant 4W - ‘I liked how they taught me how to improve my swimming.’


Loralai Prep M - ‘I liked learning to hold my breath under water.’


Charlie Prep M - ‘I liked jumping in the water and making a splash.’


Peyton 1M - ‘I liked doing the doggy paddle.’


As the year draws to a close, it has been an extremely busy time. Our teachers are finalising our assessments and writing our reports which will be sent home in Week 11. Graduation preparations continue and the Grade 6 students are off to Adventure Park next Monday to celebrate the end of primary school. Some of the other things occurring in the final weeks include meeting our 2023 teacher and class, a sausage sizzle, our Christmas Raffle with lots of great prizes and a Christmas Dress-up Day on Friday 16th December. We will donate the money raised from the Dress-up Day to the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal. This is something the JSC have done for a few years now, and a great way to end the year


As this is our final newsletter as your school captains, we would like to say a big thank you for allowing us to lead our school. 



Signing out,

Noah and Angela