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Recent research shows that to ensure a successful start to school, children need to be immersed in at least 1000 stories before they start school. 


Mem Fox, arguably the most famous of our brilliant Australian authors for children and a reading expert, agrees that every child should hear 1000 stories before they start school and begin to formally learn how to read. By doing this, children learn many of the mechanics of reading and it sets them up for success from the beginning. 


The positives of sharing 1000 books before school are:

  1. An introduction to a wide set of vocabulary for children to become familiar with, through both seeing and hearing the words.
  2. Seeing the mechanics of how a book 'works', turning pages, left to right sequencing, front to back....
  3. Informal discussion of the story and talking about the illustrations, what might happen next, how does it make you feel....
  4. Connecting reading with another person as a 'feel good' thing that will encourage reading as a nurturing and positive experience that enhances a love of books and reading (this really is most effective in creating a reader!)
  5. Making reading a priority that highlights its importance as a leisure activity.

Please encourage your child to borrow books form the Library and read! 

Encourage older brothers & sisters to ready to little brothers and sisters regularly.



Students can enjoy books at the press of a button on SORA! All you need is your child's school login details. Attached is a guide on how to login to SORA . Happy Reading! 



Our school has a subscription to World Book Online! This means you have FREE access from home or on the go with any internet-connected device.


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A reminder about the importance of regular reading at home:




Borrowing Days -Thursday  Year 1 /2 & Year 5/6 

                                 Wednesday Kindergarten & Year 3 /4


Library Bag - Please make sure all children have a library bag for their library books and that it comes to school on their library day.