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Year 5 / 6


Wednesday 6th, some Stage 3 students participated in the annual Newcastle Permanent Primary School Mathematics Competition. The competition is now in its 40th year and continues to grow, attracting almost 17,500 students from 294 schools. Students have only 45 minutes to answer 35 questions that really stretch their mathematical skills and thinking. Well done to all students who participated.


Interested in the difficulty of the questions used in the competition? Here are a few questions from a previous year's paper.






Every day at school the expectations are -

  • I am safe
  • I am valued
  • I am a learner

“We believe there must be a universal and unconditional positive regard for children and young people, and a high regard for the collective capacity of a school staff team to increase learning, wellbeing and life-opportunity outcomes for children and young people.”


Manners Matter

Good manners matter!


We expect our children to 

  • Reach our full learning potential in a safe and supportive environment (Work hard)
  • Be treated with respect, courtesy and kindness (Be kind)
  • Be an active part of, and contribute positively to our community (Join in).



Contacting Your Child's Teacher

Teachers welcome contact from parents, if you would like to talk with staff please either contact the class teacher by phoning the school – 67772328 or email the school on


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