Teaching and Learning

Collaborative Classrooms are coming!

We have experienced a very successful first week of learning online at Miners Rest Primary School, with the students engaging in face-to-face discussions with their classroom teacher to support their learning. We sincerely thank all of our parents and carers for ensuring that connections have been made throughout the week via WebEx - staff were delighted to see the faces of their children and connect with them more closely.

As of next week, we will begin Collaborative Classrooms, where our teachers will conduct whole class sessions via WebEx and our students will be able to see and engage with their peers. Collaborative Classrooms will take place every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for all classes and these sessions will be scheduled to support families with several children in various year levels across the school. These new sessions will result in a possible reduction of individual Learning Conferences (via WebEx) for your child. Your child's classroom teacher will inform you of these changes.


The schedule for Collaborative Classrooms is as follows:


SeeSaw and Showbie Submissions

Lots of work has been enthusiastically submitted via SeeSaw and Showbie by our students, and teachers are extremely pleased with the response to the submission requirements. Thankyou!

Please be aware that our classroom teachers will be providing meaningful and actionable feedback to further support individual student learning by responding to two key pieces of work in the areas of Reading, Writing and Maths. It is of great importance that our students are supported to submit their work, and that this work has been completed independently, as teachers will be relying on submissions to support assessment and planning for new learning for each student.

We continue to be grateful for the support we are receiving from families. Keep connected to SeeSaw, Showbie and WebEx and know that our learning partnerships are being continually strengthened throughout this journey.