Principal Report 

School Design Engagement Report

The Victorian School Building Authority last week released the official documentation regarding our forthcoming Capital Works Program.  I hope you enjoy reading and following during the progress of our build process.  Regular communication will be forthcoming to assist community engagement in our 'new' school build.  Please see attached documentation below.


Principal Class briefing to parents - next Tuesday

I would like to extend an invitation to each parent & carer in our community, to attend a briefing with Dale Power (Principal) and Kylie Nissen (Assistant Principal) next Tuesday 12 May, at 5:00pm via WebEx: 

(Meeting Number [if asked]: 783 176 410).

The briefing will follow forthcoming announcements from our Chief Medical Officer, Education Minister & Premier on COVID-19 restrictions and status, particularly pertaining to schools.

Kylie and I will share what Monday's announcements will mean for Miners Rest Primary School, Kindergarten, OSHC and our broader community.  

We will aim to explain any continuation of remote learning, any new direction for teaching & learning, our local context and implementation plan, including key dates & milestones, for any new directives provided by the governing bodies.

I encourage all parents / carers to join this briefing to support consistent and clear understandings in the Miners Rest Primary School approach to returning to school.

Howe Street Crossing

Please ensure students in Miners Rest are utilising the supervised crossing whilst navigating their way across a very busy road to get to school and home.

The crossing is supervised from 8-9am & 3:10-4pm daily and should be utilised every time by our students.  It is beneficial if parents / carers are repeatedly articulating the same message to their children and supporting best and safest habits.