Student Well-being

Born to Shine Program

Topic: Stop, Think, Do- Problem Solving


In our 'Born to Shine' wellbeing groups this week, students rehashed their learning of the 'Stop, Think, Do' problem-solving strategy and focused primarily on the 'Thinking' component.


We discussed that when we are faced with a problem, we need to think of lots of different ways to solve it. Sometimes, the first way we try to solve the problem isn’t the best, or it might not work, but if we have lots of ideas about how to solve the problem, then we can choose which one is the best. We need to make sure that the strategy we choose won't get us into trouble, hurt ourselves or someone else. Our goal is to solve problems in a way that will make everyone happy and no one will get into trouble.


We read about different scenarios where problems were being experienced, discussed ways to solve these problems and chose the best possible action for both parties involved.


Students reflected on a problem that they often have and brainstorm lots of different ways that they could solve this problem. As a group, we shared our problems and helped each other to choose the best possible action to take that would make both parties smile?

We can solve problems in a proactive, helpful and respectful way!

Haylea Anderson

Student Wellbeing Leader