From the Principal's Desk

Father's day Edition

School Operations

As you would all be aware, the Victorian Government announced on Sunday that, on the advice of the Victorian Chief Health Officer, metropolitan Melbourne will move into the ‘Last Step’ of the Victorian roadmap for reopening. As such there are a number of restrictions that have been adjusted which have now been reflected in our school's operations.


The following provides an overview of the key changes being implemented at Corpus Christi School as of Monday 30th November-

  • As visitors are now allowed on site:
    • Parents are invited into the school grounds to drop off their children in the morning
    • Stop, Kiss and Drop signs will be moved to just outside each of our Learning Communities
    • Children will be permitted to enter their Learning Communities from 8:45am onwards (once inside they need to stay inside)
    • Parents (and siblings) are still not permitted to enter the Learning Communities, so please keep clear of entrance ways
  • Our staggered afternoon pick-up times will continue until Friday 4th December
  • The normal finishing time of 3:30pm will recommence for ALL students from Monday 7th December
  • Face masks are not required outdoors, except where physical distancing cannot be maintained
  • The school office is now open with a maximum of three visitors at any one time
  • Families are still not permitted to ‘congregate’ around school gates so please space yourselves out within the playground and stay clear of the entrance/exits of buildings

While visitors are allowed on site we must still comply with public gathering limits, for example, density quotients of 1 per 4m2 for staff and visitors/parents.


There are also shifts in regards to Liturgies, graduation, transition, gatherings and celebrations which are detailed in this Newsletter.


You have all been so understanding and respectful of the limitations and restrictions that we have been bound by over the past two terms. Can we please really adhere to the social norms that bind all Victorians, namely, if you can’t maintain the 1.5m social distancing outside then masks must be worn!

Celebrations & Gatherings

Although we are easing out of restrictions we are still bound by various directives to promote CovidSafe activities.  While limitations on who can visit school premises no longer apply, school activities involving visitors must comply with public gathering limits (group limit of 20 people indoors and 50 people outdoors).


This prevents us from hosting our end of year picnic/concert and severely hampers the chance of hosting any class celebrations. Hence the end of this school year will look very different from that of years gone by.


We can however host our final end-of-year assembly face-face providing that it is attended exclusively by students and staff.  So we intend to do this in some way on Monday 14th December.


We can also hold our Graduation ceremony, albeit, under strict guidelines of what we can and can't do. We have to abide by density quotients as 'visitors' will be in attendance and our Year 6 families have been provided the details. This will occur next Wednesday 9th December.


Our final Candle Ceremony and farewelling of our Year 6 students will also proceed in some way, shape, or form as it also fits under this category of Liturgies, Assemblies and Graduations. This will occur on Wednesday 16th December.

Sacrament of Confirmation

Tonight thirteen of our Year 6 students will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation within a very intimate celebration. We ask that you keep these children in your prayers as they prepare to take the next step in their faith journey:

Siena Azzopardi

Samuel Carter

Cyrus De Guzman

Keighley Ferro

Daniel Fisher

Molly Lim

Armani Mauriohooho

Patrick Nguyen

Nigel Pham

Kristina Raguz

Maddie Thomas

Danny Trieu

Lara Verga

Transition Program

As we are now permitted to 'mix' student groupings we will now be able to proceed with our Year Prep-5 Transition program. The idea being, to allow them to gain valuable experience moving forward into 2021.


Next Monday afternoon, children will get to experience 'life' in their 2021 Learning Community. The following Monday will be our Step Up Day where children get to meet and work with their 2021 classmates and teacher.


We hope that these opportunities assist in relieving any anxiety and foster the development of new relationships.

Kinder Visits

Our Year Prep teachers began their kinder visits this week to observe and interact with our next year's Prep children in their 'natural habitat'.


Over the coming weeks, they will visit most of the children starting in Year Prep next year.  It will be a valuable time to develop relationships and get to know a little bit more about each and every child coming to Corpus Christi School.

School Fees and Levies

Thank you to all families who are up-to-date with Fee and Levy payments for 2020. As of today we still have an amount of $39043 still owing. 


The final extended date of payment (unless under a payment plan or private arrangement with me)  was 30th November. Therefore all outstanding payments are now overdue.


In fairness to all I ask that these overdue accounts be settled immediately.  Accounts will be sent home to these families today.

Planning Days

With the end of the year fast approaching, teaching teams will be given time to plan extensively for 2021. To facilitate this we have needed to make some timetable changes. Please see below for details-

Uniform Orders

One positive process that has developed during lockdown is our 'Click and Collect' uniform orders. It has certainly relieved congestion in the office area during peak periods of the day. Hence we ask that families wishing to purchase multiple items of uniform, do so via this method. Simply click here (or download the uniform order form from our website), complete details, add your payment method, press save, and email it back to


Once it has been packed we will call you and arrange for pick up. It's that simple.


Have a wonderful week

Stay safe and God Bless

Anthony Hyde


Please remember that all students will be finishing at 3:30 pm as of next Monday 7th December