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Extend Update



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Hours of Operation

Before School Care: 7:00am – 8:45am

After School Care: 3:20 pm – 6:00pm

Contact Details

0439 555 704




Science-Erupting apple volcanoCooking-Toasted breakfast sandwiches  Sport-Terrific TennisArt-Mindfulness colouringArt-Creating a plaster fairgarden
Healthy Fruit muffinsScience-Creating edible life cyclesRice bubble sliceScience-Testing water absorptionScience-Bread in a bag


How food colour can travel through water!



Using maths to measure ingredients!



Make some unique art and crafts and showcase your talents.




Showing great hands on skills particularly in sport and cooking.



This week we saw how steel wool reacted when we added some other super scientific ingredients! During the foam science experiment the ingredients bubbled up and overflowed! 

In before school care we loved getting outdoors and we flipped some delicious pancakes. 

Our students showed us how to make traditional nachos and guacamole! This certainly was a treat which warmed up on a cold day. We learnt different cooking techniques this week including how to rub butter into flour and how to stew apples! Wow! How glittery and sparkly were our sensory science jars.

On the last day of term 27 March we will be providing an Extend session from 1.00pm-6.00pm.


Service Coordinator

Kartia Pearson