From the Principal 

Week 7 Term 4 2022

Dear Parents and Carers


Christmas Market

There is alot of excitment around  tomorrow nights Christmas market . Approximately 45 stalls  will be in attendance. The market will operate between 5pm and 8pm. The weather is predicted to be a beautiful  so encourage family and friends to come along.

Everything will be  held outdoors on the oval.

Please enter via the the tennis court or  church gates.


Staff 2023

At this time of the year there is always some staff movement in schools.  Movement can be  healthy.  We are fortunate that St Bedes is staying fairly stable.  There are numerous  collagues  of mine who are struggling to fill positions due the the lack of teachers currently in our community. 

As previously mentioned Ruby Harris is joining the staff at Holy Spirit and we welcome Madaleine Durrant from St Bridgets.  

This is our staffing as it is


Prep  Laura Jefferys and Rosalie Silvers/TBC

Yr 1  Dianne Antionella/Jessica Marchio

Yr 2  Stephen Walsh,  Madeleine  Durrant,

Yr 3/4  Kristina Ferentious/TBC  Kitty Wood,  Catrinia Morabitio,

Yr 5/6 Justin McFarlane/TBC  Arianna Chor/TBC and James Carbines.


Wellbeing Leader- Justin McFarlane

Literacy Leader- Arianna Chor

Maths Leader- Rosalie Silvers

Religious Education Leader - Bernadette Reed

Deputy Principal -Larissa Boyhan

Learning and Teaching Leader - Larissa Boyhan

Learning Diversity -Admanda Martin

Physical Education - Richard Price

Music - Bernadette Reed

Visual Arts- Cara Barrett



A full list of staff will be provided in next weeks newsletter.


Justin, Arianna and Rosalie will be released from  their classroom  a day each  week for their leaderhship roles. The teachers for these positions are just being finalised.  These teachers( teachers who are currently  working  at St Bedes)  will be finalised by the time the children meet their new teachers for 2023.  Bedes)


Classes for 2023

The classes for 2023 are in the process of being finalised. All educational requests have been considered. Please note, educational requests are only one piece of the puzzle. It is important to trust the process.

The children have also been given the opportunity to write 5 children they work well with. Please note this is not friends.


Prep 2023 Welcome Mass

Our Prep 2023 welcome mass will be held this Sunday at 11.00am. At this mass we introduce our Preps to our Parish Community.



There has been an increase in the number of positive COVID 19 cases in the school over the past week. I do ask that you remain vigilant and follow all the COVID requirements. ( one of the reasons why we are having the market outdoors). If your child has any symptons please keep them home and test. If you need more RATS please let the office know.


Child Safety

I remind our community of the importance of crossing at the crossing and parking in the correct areas. This sets a great example for our students and keeps them safe. Alex our crossing supervisor is always there to assist you across the road.



Just a reminder that the PA Annual General Meeting will eb held inthe staffroom at 7.00pm tonight.


See you all tomorrow night at the market